I sharp and curious mind and has

I have known Anton Sherstiuk since his first year at
the university. I have taught in his group several fundamental courses in his
group including the introduction to programming, algorithms and web development.
I have also supervised two of Anton’s yearly papers and he is currently working
on the third one. As his long-time teacher, I’ve had a chance to watch and evaluate
his performance and progress.

Anton has proven to be a hardworking and persistent
student. He did not start out at the university with outstanding marks, receiving
on average a C through his first and second years. Nevertheless, he continued
to approach every task with enthusiasm, maintained his positive attitude to the
work, and sought assistance from professors like me, which has eventually added
to his academic results.

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More recently, I could observe his accomplishments as a
research supervisor. When he submitted the final version of his paper about
glossaries, I was surprised by how much he scrutinized and fleshed out the topic.
A year later Anton’s work did not step down in quality with a paper exploring
strategies and intricacies of developing a group project using the means of a
repository manager developed by Ukrainian specialists. I was impressed by the
student’s ability to handle a large amount of work on his own. Anton can get
the job done within the required time limit and competently present the results.
Both of the times, I gave an A mark for the papers. This year he will be
presenting a paper on road sign recognition using artificial neural networks.

For many projects in previous years, I paired Anton
with other students. From my experience, he collaborated with others very well,
being helpful to his partners and often taking on the responsibility of
leadership in a team.

Overall, this student is a proactive and responsible
student with special attention to detail. His written work illustrates his
ability to articulate a point clearly and professionally. Anton has a sharp and
curious mind and has shown consistent growth due to thorough work and genuine

Anton’s progress, achievements and personal traits
lead me to believe that he will do very well as a student at your program. I’ve
had a positive experience working with this student and I therefore support his
application without any reservations.