Idea charge high for providing mineral water means

Idea Generation-

                                  while my
degree in Govt. College University of Lahore I face a problem that is the
quality of water is not good and cafe charge high for providing mineral water
means their pricing strategy is not preferable for student (its high price). in
the solution an idea comes to my mind to establish new mineral water plant and
i also discussed this idea with my university fallows to know their perception
about the plan  i.e. they will support or
not (because they are also facing the same problem).

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                         For establishing new
plant we need funds which HEC(higher education commission) or Govt. can provide
us otherwise we can collect that money by university student because govt. can
say that they are already providing funds to university in this case  it’s not difficult to manage money because
this problem is everyone facing in university. They will help to collect money
by their references because we are providing them quality of water and the cost
of plant is also not so high its only=======cost also depends on the size of
plant and supply of water based on strength of university students which is
about to 15K which divided in two shifts one is Morning and other is Evening in
one day we require only 345 gallons of water and each gallon contain 20 liter of


hours =13 hour / day

is 8AM to 9PM

of water in one hour

/ 13 = 530.8  ltr / hour

In market , minimum
capacity of plant available is 600 liter / hour (which is expandable)


Machinery cost
include all material cost


Building cost






Total Cost


We are going to use
university land, so rent will not have to pay.

                               As we are going
to pay all expensive it have return in shape of health improvement of the
students and they will participate in education with healthy mind and will
improve their grades by which university ranking will improve.


                     The improvement in the
health of student and their involvement in co curricular activities which make
their mind active and fresh so they can take part in daily competition and
exams of life they can improve everything related to the education the scale of
the improvement we can share through only by the simple graph given below



/ Rejection-

                              In our case  for establishing new water plant we prepare
all paper work which shows positive result of making new plant. On the bases of
these result we can approve this idea move forward to the next step which is
implementation and stamp it as APPROVED


we are in condition to buy all the equipment and machinery to install new water


should be one person on the plant to monitor working the person who is trained
and well educated so he can take immediate an step to resolve any problem accord
during the process of filtration. After that monthly visit of govt. official authorities
of food like Punjab food authority and PRCWR(Pakistan Research Council of Water
Resources) for sake of providing mineral water with quality. Whole plant
checking and maintenance by working and officials to provide low cost and
quality water.