Identify the organization you chose Essay

 Identify the organization you chose.

The organization chosen is Bank of China. This bank has many branches. The specific one selected is Macau Branch which was also known as Macau Nam Tung Bank Limited.

The major products and services that the bank offersThe financial stability in china is mainly as a result of activities of the bank of china. A lot of its services have resulted into maintenance of financial stability and promotion of economic developments. All these have made the society as a whole to progress in a positive direction. The very fast time of operation, Bank of china only gave money for oversea remittance. The bank also participated in giving local citizens small loans some of which could be used to start businesses and other forms of investments. Sometimes later the bank invested in giving loans to commercial organizations. This bank was also used to channel money to employees of various organizations. In 1980s the bank of Macau diversified its services to embrace more clients and incorporate more electronic systems.

What are its primary businesses or business units?These include corporate and retail banking. Other businesses include treasury transactions, financial institution banking and individual banking. All of these are further divided into smaller banking units which provide services to specific groups.Where does it operate?The bank of china Macau branch is situated in the busy environment of Macau where it services the transactions of various customers in this rich niche.Who owns the company?The original owners sold this premise during an IPO in Hong Kong. The current owners of the bank include: SSF, RBS China, Central Huijin investment and AFH Pte Ltd.

Each of the stakeholders has various percentages of investment in this potential firm.How many people are employed by the company?By 2007, the bank had employee base of 1000 people.What marketplace niche is the company targeting?Bank of china is targeting Macau as a region and the entire country. The government and foreign exchange market is the main niche for this bank. Bank of Macau has in the past obtained contracts to print notes on behalf of the government. The institution has also been the main transacting firm for Hong Kong dollar bill into other local currency.

What are the company’s revenues?Being a financial institution, the bank has assets whose value is MOP69.82.  The deposit balance is up to MOP57.33, and the last form of assets is in form of credit loan balances whose value is MOP23.

26. All the above values are in units of billions.Who comprises the company’s primary customer base?Bank of China mainly targets big and large scale clients.

Government officers are the main customers. Bank of china also targets multinational firms which deal with foreign exchange transactions like dollar exchange. For this reason, it has always served as an RMB clearing bank.What is the history of the company?This bank was founded in 1950. The original name of this institution was Macau Nam Tung. This firm had one motto which was reading: Rooted in Macau and serving steadfastly.  Sometimes later, this bank was changed with the introduction of Macau branch.

Many laws often changed in the country and these worked towards transforming this institution into being a commercial bank. This happened in 1970. More changes like introduction of opening policy further transformed this bank into its current successful trend.Who are the company’s top officers?The top officials of the company are members of the board of directors. Having been sold out in Hong Kong Stock market, the bank is a private firm. Various managers of the departments the come in to help in managing various departments of the organization.What are some of the key components of the company’s work environment?The company deals with big firms and government institutions. All these need excellent services.

The company works on transacting foreign exchange.Reasons for interest in Bank of chinaThe bank has good reputation in the country. The employees are hard working and the firm has expanded and been successful for a long time. I desire to be identified with such a firm and to contribute towards its success.

Why I should be hiredMy qualifications are a great resource to the banking institution. Accounting, leadership and teamwork are some of my key strengths. I also have worked with big companies dealing in foreign exchange and these skills will be very relevant to the bank of china.Questions to askWill I have prior on job training to orientate me on the working environment?When will I be contacted after the interview?When should I report for the job?Work cited.

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