Identify User Requirements

Identify user Requirements

While you are informing the user of the requirements that
will be needed for the installation of the program (notepad ++) and the
anti-virus system. Some of these may be having the correct operating system
that can support the specific versions of these programmes you will be
installing. Another would be having a PC that will run the first requirement as
without that there really isn’t any point looking to download or upgrade any of
these programmes.

Software license

When you are installing notepad ++ you realistically get it
from anywhere as it is an open source software and there is no licence for it
which means it’s free to download. But the anti-virus system is different as it
does have a software licence the reason it needs one and notepad doesn’t is
because AVG provides a protective service for you and has control of the
different kind of things that can pass in an out of your computer. So it does
need something for you to have some terms and conditions on in case anything goes
wrong with the software.

Registration Key

Yes AVG needs a Licence/Registration Key for it to activate
and cover your PC once its installed you need to go onto the program and go the
subscription page and enter your licence key the notepad program doesn’t need
one as it is an open source software and doesn’t. If it is for a business you
could buy a business package and have the same key that can spread through as
many machines as your company has, or the amount of machines that need it.

Obtaining the software

When installing the notepad++ all you have to do is look
online for a sufficient link to download the program from and then you open it
to run as the pop up window appears. The anti-virus is somewhat the same as
installing notepad++ as you have to find a secure enough link to download it
and then run the install file. Then the license agreement will appear and you
have to accept the conditions to that and then select the free license this is
the only difference when installing the programs then you just restart the
machine so it can apply.

System Requirements

The minimum requirements for notepad++ are windows
XP/Vista/7/8 and 10 (64 Bit Compatible). Internet for download, minimum of
512MB of RAM and 180MB of Hard drive space. For the latest edition of AVG you
can have windows 10/8/8.1/7 SP1/ Vista SP2/ XP SP3 either 32 or 64 bit. The
minimum requirements for it is a windows pc compatible with Intel Pentium 4 /
AMD Athlon 64 processor or above, 256 MB of RAM or above at least 2GB free
space on the hard disk internet connection for download and no less than
standard pixels of 800 x 600. (AVG, 2018)

Required Materials

When you are ready to set everything up for full use you
will have to make sure that you have all that is needed to get everything
started this includes all software and hardware that is required for
installation and running. E.g. external storage devise if needed the product
key and/or license key if applicable and a decent enough internet connection so
you aren’t waiting hours to set it all up etc..


After having a meeting with the user and talking about the
requirements the next topic that will most likely be discussed is the install
times and when everything will be implemented fully. And as it goes without
saying that it would be best to do all of the installation and testing over the
holidays as if anything goes wrong production and work is not affected which
then can be easily fixed with less stress and pressure.

Suitable communication

It is very important to have the suitable communications as
if the team installing the software have run into a problem or if anything has
broken down, they wil need to have a pretty quick and reliable way of
contacting a manager or overseer of the project to give the higher ups more
time to sort out the situation if needs be.

Backout Plan

If you are installing new software it is very crucial that
you have some sort of software installed that holds and complete copy of all of
your records so if there is a bug in the software being implemented not
everything is going to get lost as it is in an external place for example some
restore points.

Access and Permission

Access will only be granted to the team who is setting up
all of the machines that are specified with the software. There will most
likely be an admin password that will get passed around to the key members of
the team who is going directly to the machines to install it. And keys to the
building and room will be required.



When you are carrying out the steps to install all of this
you need to understand the importance of all of the individual steps that are
being executed as first off the user that is going to be in charge of all of
this when the team have finished implementing the software. The requirements
are very important to include in the steps as if they aren’t met then there is
no point starting to implement anything to begin with.

A software license is a helpful piece of information as If
you read it you can understand the terms that the software presents you with
and that if anything happens you won’t be surprised as you have read the
conditions set in the user agreement it is also helpful to know that notepad++
does not have a software license and is free for everyone to use.

The registration key for AVG is very important as it is the
unique number that was given to you when you had either registered or signed in
and requested the key to set up the piece of software. This is the key/ license
that will be distributed around all of your machines so you need to make sure
that it is able to be used for the amount of PCs you are wanting to implement
the software on.

Both the anti-virus system and the notepad++ are able to be
downloaded from the internet but the real importance is that you download from.
1 the correct type of site so as that when you go onto it you aren’t bombarded
with ads that will upload viruses onto your computer. And the second one if you
find a good looking website you need to be certain that it is the correct link
and software. One good and easy way to check if you are getting the right thing
is to look up the file size of the version of software you are looking for and
see if it corresponds with the file size of the link you are going to download.
That will tell you right away f anything has been added to it like a program to
run in the background of your installation.

We have talked about the user requirements but the system
requirements are just as important as if you don’t have things up to date on
your PC or enough space you will have complications your software installation.
Even if you are able to get it downloaded when you go to stat it up it will
most likely not be able to run it and you will only have a blank window up on
your screen as either none or one of the system requirements haven’t been met.

For maximum efficiency it would be a good idea to have all
the machines at the same place with all of the required information and
hardware if needed beside each machine so there is no fumbling around with
getting each machine sorted out. This can be really helpful because if there is
a problem the quicker you get everything done the more time you have to fix the

When a business is looking to get an upgrade or looking to
install something new onto their machines it is very important to choose the
correct time to do it. Over the weekend wouldn’t be as good a time as over some
of the holidays as if anything goes wrong the weekend you do it one you may not
have the time to sort it out and you will either have to abandon it and start
again another time or it will interfere with the workings of the company.

A suitable connection with the manager of the project to
install the software is one of the most important things as if something goes
wrong and they don’t have a quick way to contact someone who might know what
has happened it will set everything back by the amount of time it takes that
person to see they have been requested for help and then the amount of time it
will take them to figure it out and get back to the team.

When installing something companywide it is necessary to
have a backout plan with a full restore point somewhere away from the building
so that nothing can happen to all of the recorded data. As if anything does go
wrong with the implementation and all of the machines go down with everything
being lost you will still have a complete copy of everything set to the side
and just fix the problem.

If anyone is allowed access to the machines being worked on
then it can be tampered with and sabotaged so as everything doesn’t go as
planned this can be accidental or intentional either way it is not worth the
hassle so that’s why there will be only a select few chosen to work with the
machines and have access to the rooms.