Identity Construction, Performance and Management Essay

Identity refers to the image and personality of individuals, their characteristics, mental level and self esteem which differentiates them from other individuals. Today, human race is not only threatened by natural calamities, wars or scarcity of food and resources, but also an identity of people, because the era we are living in right now is intense and the people’s interests towards non-material sphere is increasing. This is leading to new facts which are complex, different, and sometimes unidentifiable and even if identified, the problems are difficult to decode.Ethical propositions that control value and behavior make up the identities of individuals distinct personality which continuously develops and goes through evolution which actually comprises of sense of continuity, uniqueness from others and affiliation. Identity construction revolves around the idea of what is right and what is wrong.

Similarly what is advantageous or disadvantageous and corrupt or legal. These norms are not fixed but are ways of identity formation and differ from person to person. In the system of identity formation there must be a set of standards or norms, with creative, mutual relationship.People must possess judgmental skills of what they approve and condemn regarding certain behaviors of others. The most important phenomena that people face today is tackling interpersonal communication. The method of transaction of messages between two persons or more, who work for creating, maintaining and achieving a mutual goal is known as interpersonal communication.

Communication is affected by two persistent factors, technology and culture. These two factors influence interpersonal communication and human relationships deeply.Almost every working hour of our life we have to meet and greet people. Communication is important to satisfy the physical and social needs of people. Because each individual is different, therefore interpersonal communication links one person to another. When people interact with each other, they are actually making their presence visible to all others around them. They learn from others and also understand what others think and feel about them. Apart from the physical needs it is also important for individuals to satisfy their social needs.

A lonely person can be successful in a way but he cannot live a full life. Companionship, relaxation, affection, pleasure and enjoyment are all important components of living a full life and to satisfy these needs a person must be expressive and be identified. Even, getting a good job and advancing in it is tied to having extremely good interpersonal skills. Most of the time people are afraid to communicate with others. They either get nervous or anxious when they have to be a part of the conversation, or to express their views.They are either shy or tensed and thus go through communication apprehension. These people not only avoid face to face conversations, but any type of communication at all.

At times, communication gets difficult or distorted when people don’t respond positively or pay attention. Improved and affective interpersonal skills influence individuals in creating and maintaining healthy and positive relationships with not only people whom they are close to such as family, friends and co workers, but also with those people with whom interaction is not much frequent.Interpersonal communication was limited to talking to someone face to face or sending letters till some years back. But now the entire concept has evolved thanks to technological advancement. People get in contact easily with each other through electronic technology, which has not only made communication easier and faster but also shaped up our relationships.

Interaction depends on the kind of relationship people have with each other. For example in online forums people usually hide their real identities and do not reveal their true selves.Similarly when meeting face to face, people tend to be what they actually are because the person they are interacting with is able to analyze their behavior and make a perception about them. Usually for the first time people feel a little awkward because they really don’t know the other person that well, then slowly the interaction goes up on a higher level and relationships are developed. People join different forums and communities to exchange information, make friends and be socially and emotionally interactive. These social interactions give opportunities to people to get familiar with each other and establish bonds.When the bond between people is well establish then through interpersonal communication they exchange personal information and get to know each other in a better way. Self concept is related to socialization.

It can be the way people think how others perceive them or may be comparing themselves to others. Now the social concept can be inferior or superior, that is when people start to think whether they are better or worse than someone. Self concept influences a person to a great extent, because it s basically self identity.It is what actually our image is and how we present ourselves to others and how they perceive us. Self conception is actually what we think about ourselves and how much we understand and know ourselves. The way people look at themselves is important because that’s how others will see them and think about them. It is good to have a positive viewpoint about oneself, because it facilitates people to work well in life with a high level of confidence and motivation.

If self esteem is good and the image is positive, than life looks much healthier, realistic and becomes much more productive for individuals.A negative self concept can lead to low self esteem and lack of confidence. People feel uncomfortable even with themselves and their insecurities with life increase, due to which they become negative about everything. To realize one’s own potential, it is very important to change a self conception if it’s negative. Having realistic expectations and perception with a strong will and skill to change by avoiding pessimistic people and being with positive people is an effective step towards changing self concept.It is important to learn to live with confidence and continuously grow self esteem. Being realistic and analyzing ones real self is necessary to lead a successful life. It is important to manage identities because it is a social rule that once a relationship us initiated, it should be managed.

Identities are usually managed by keeping a constant behavior and a well groomed personality. Many people have specific styles of writing or texting for example, which enable people to recognize them or differentiate them from others.Some people are always dressed in such a groomed way that people give their personal grooming as a reference of identification. Developing and maintaining identities influence the actions and thoughts of other individuals.

The identities of people that are constructed once, are most likely to remain like that throughout their lives. There are very less chances of changing the perception that has been created once, about the identity of people. A lot of factors combined, make up the identities of individuals, which they manifest and maintain through interpersonal communication skills.