If are being called merchandise and sold

If you think slavery is only in the history books, well guess what its back and just like in the past the west has blood on its hands. A slave market has grown in libya with african migrants sold to the highest bidder. Criminals are at fault but so are western governments. See, for years now people from Mali, Niger and Nigeria and other west african countries have been traveling through libya to europe in search of a better life. But, many of these migrants are getting sold into slavery. Men are being called merchandise and sold for a little as $400. All of this happening in a place that has not known peace for over 6 years. The government is weak, their barely an economy and terrorists groups are holding onto multiple areas in Libya. We have all seen the disturbing footage that has gone viral featuring  black africans being treated inhumanely and sold as slaves. This brought up painful suppressed feelings from 150 years ago when black africans were being sold as if they were property. Social media is shining a light on these issues but more needs to be done about this degrading and dehumanizing acts. The response from the west has been great. Celebrities have tweeted their outrage, protester had stayed outside of libyan embassies. But here’s the thing the west hands are not clean in this mess at all. After a brief moment of refugees welcome, europe has slammed its gates closed to migrants. It’s helping libya intersect people in the mediterranean and sending them back to libya. Then they wait in detention centers just to be deported. The libyan officials have promised an investigation but a libyan TV network took a page out of Trumps playbook and called the CNN report “Fake news’. We call out for help and pray that the African Union will take action and help the libyan citizens as well as punished the individuals carrying out these heinous crimes. Humans can not be sold under any circumstance and the fact that we are repeating history once over what makes you think it won’t happen again. Maybe next time there might be another World War 3 but clearly humans can’t learn from their mistakes so all we can do now is hope that they have some good left in them.