If not do it. Homework has caused family

                  If I could change one thing about school it would be for us students to have no homework. What is homework? Homework is school work that a student is required to do at home just like it says it in its name.Homework is not necessary for a better achievement at school and it has negative influences on students.        School work is already stressful enough for us to have extra work at home. Studies have shown that over 70% of students have said homework brings them stress and not just to students but to parents as well by trying to help  with hard things to understand and not being able to.Stress is a ´´state of mental or emotional tension´´,it is not good for your health. It increases not just stress but anxiety,depression and anger.This makes the student feel overwhelming with homework and not do it.      Homework  has caused family problems. Because of incomplete assignments arguments grow bigger and bigger between the parent,teacher and student. As much as the homework increased so does conflicts for having it incomplete for whatever reason like not having time or not understanding.    Not all students have the time to do homework.Students are very busy after school with sports,jobs,or any family/friends events.For this reasoning students forget or are too tired to do  the homework and get bad grades since it is not handed in.        I have experienced difficulty with homework but so as not having time to do it either for compromises i have to go to or just having too many and just giving up. For example, I had a sweet 15 where i was part of the court and that night i did not have time to do any of my homework.     Homework causes many trouble. There has been reports on students dropping out of school just because of the simple fact that homework is too much for them. As you may see homework is not very ideal for students,and parents as well so it would be one thing one would appreciate if it would be changed about school.