If communication is effectively. It is also

If the carer is communicating with the service user,
it is important they understand for example if the carer asks the service user
a question it is important that the service user understand what they mean if
they don’t then the carer would have to say it a different way, so the service
user could understand to make sure communication is effectively. It is also
important to observe the service user when they are communicating because you
can observe if the service user has any problems are they worried about or if
they are upset about any situations. When having a conversation with the
service user the carer would be able to tell if its something worrying them by
their facial expressions or their body language.

1.3 Explain
why it is important to observe an individual’s reactions when communicating
with them.

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In my work setting effective communication is
important because if a carer is speaking to a service user they must make sure
they are using communication the service user could understand. They must also
make sure when a carer is speaking to a professional that they are speaking
clearly so they both can understand what each other is saying but also so they
can make sure the service user is receiving the best care. Communication is
also effectively in my work setting because if the manager speaks to the
professionals it also makes sure the information is clear and that the care is
provided is done properly.

1.2      -Explain how effective communication affects all
aspects of the learner’s work

In my work
setting there are loads of ways people communicate for example the service
users always talk to other service users or carers if they are feeling lonely
or if they need reassurance. Service users also talks to the carers if they
want anything or if they got any questions they would like to ask. Carers
always make sure the service users got a choice in everything they do.  In my work place setting communication also
occur between the managers, carers, visitors, other working staff and outside

Identify several reasons why people