If Jesus Was Here Now Essay

The warm rays of the setting sun break through the dark midnight clouds. It’s rays scatter like children playing with the waters gleam casting amusing sparkles onto the sleeping eyes of the sea. The glistening blue waves huddle the warm wooden hull of the majestic ships. The white specks of foam appear from the depths of the ocean blue drift along sides the wake created by these behemoths of the waters. The white silk sails pull the majestic ark homebound . The gentle breeze of the warm easterly wind flutters the sails waking two hard faced men on board.

High above in the pristine blue sky ,the warm rising air currents drift towards the white egrets, their insulating feathers ripple by the gush of air. They fly higher and higher till they wings glide on the rays of the sun as it sets lower into the tree covered horizon. The silver crest of the waves noiselessly crashes onto the gold sanded shore. The waters recess every few seconds bringing with it beautiful shells and coral which slowly glide black into the deep abyss.

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On the edge of the golden beach the rocks curve into a concealed cove revealing shimmering clear waters. The playful rainbow fish swirl around conducting their intricate mating ritual, while the larger moray eels slide back and forth from their dark cloistered caves waiting, watching, anticipating any wrong move done by the innocent creatures of the deep that pass by continuously. The cove gently slopes up into a lush tropical forest.

The evergreen trees sway lazily while the refreshing breeze passes through every branch, every twig, every leaf, every nest resting on the supple branches. The noise of the ruffling leaves pricks up the ears of a slender spotted deer which glides out of the clearing, out of danger. High above on a rocky cliff, a woman waits for her husband to come home. The wind passes by her revealing the slender outline of her body through the silk dress she adorns. She waits for her hard faced husband who rides the Behemoth of the sea.