‘If model using Generalized Least Square Estimator. Project


‘If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything’
– said Ronald Coase, Noble Prize Winner in Economics in his book ‘How should
economists choose?’ in 1981, meaning data can be manipulated to any means.  Nowadays, application of data science/machine
learning techniques to solve practical problems is evident everywhere. Amazon
recommendation engine, Google Image Search, Voice to text translators, AI
powered predictions on Google maps, and Plagiarism checker are just few
examples on how data can be maneuvered to achieve targeted ends. I have always
been fascinated by application of data science to decipher real world issues
and the potential this field holds. I have great desire to work on cutting-edge
practices in this field and feel extremely excited about wide application of
data science in various industries, such as retail, healthcare, transportation,
cyber security, insurance, banking and securities etc. Hence, a graduate degree
in data science seems like a logical progression of my passion.


I was deeply interested in data science & its
application ever since my undergraduate study in Economics at Indian Institute
of Technology, Kanpur. During my undergraduate study, I undertook many courses
in computing, statistics & econometrics, which built a good understanding
in me on how to use statistical methods to draw inferences from data. I also
worked on various academic projects to understand practical application of
these techniques. In my master’s project, I worked on testing a hypothesis in
economics domain by building a linear model using Generalized Least Square
Estimator. Project aimed at testing role of technology convergence on a
country’s productivity. Courses during my undergraduate study provided me an essential
background needed to do analysis on structured data. Passionate by the
phenomenon of utilizing advanced mathematical and computational skills to solve
real world problems and with desire to do cutting edge work in data science, I decided
to invest myself in a career in Data Science.

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I have been working in data analytics field from past 3
years. I started my professional career as a business analyst at Flipkart.com
(India’s largest e-commerce company) in July 2014. Throughout my professional career,
I contributed to various data intensive projects and gained experience in translating
a business problem into a unique solution by leveraging advanced data analytics
techniques. I worked on various data engineering & data science projects such
as binary classification using xgboost, spectral bi-clustering to find
attribute specific clusters, forecasting using regression etc., and gained some
early experience on advanced topics in computer science such as natural
language processing (worked on sentiment analysis using decision tree
classifier and topical modeling), and image processing in a professional
environment.  I found extreme
satisfaction in solving business problems by applying quantitative methods and
programming skills. I also added additional technical skills to my skillset
such as Python, R, SQL, HIVE, BASH, ETL, working with GIT etc. during my
professional experience. I currently work at Salesforce.com as a Senior Analyst
and continue to strengthen my understanding in the field of Data Science.


I have immense determination to succeed in this field and
self-drive to achieve my goals. But, I have come to terms with the fact that
there is still an enormous amount of subject to be assimilated and an advanced
study in Computer Science with focus on Data Science/Machine Learning would
greatly benefit me at this point in my professional career, as it would broaden
& strengthen my understanding of the field, and provide me an essential academic
background needed to take up advanced topics in areas such as language
processing, speech & image recognition, pattern recognition, computer
vision etc. in future. It will also help me in gaining competitive edge and further
improve my business communication & coding skills. Hence, with all my
passion and desire, I intend to apply for a Masters program in Data Science.


My short-term
career goal is to work as a data scientist or machine learning expert in a Tech
Company and apply knowledge gained on practical problems in an industry setting
for few years. The innovative atmosphere in Technology/Product companies
attracts me.  I am amazed by how these
companies are transforming people’s live in all aspects by building intelligent
products. I hope, in the near future, I can contribute to their business goals through
my data analytics skills. With this goal in mind I intend to study in an
institute that helps me further my goals. I am looking for a school that
provides an exhaustive curriculum, practical experience, professional skills
and networking opportunities needed to be successful in a business setting.

University of XXX Data Science program is an
all-inclusive program, reviewing necessary mathematical and computational
knowledge needed, with focus on practical experience and management skills, which
is ideal for me given my background. It also gives me an excellent opportunity to
study & work with a diverse group of extremely talented people, which will
serve to broadening of my perspective. Last but not least, I feel extremely excited
about the opportunity to study under esteemed professors with diverse background
in academics and industry. Overall, the program will provide me foundations
that are essential to excel in the industry in long term. Therefore, University
of XXX is my choice for the graduate studies.

I hope the Admissions Committee recognizes my
drive to excel in my academic and professional undertakings and issues an
affirmative response. The honour of being associated with such an esteemed
institution would be an additional motivation as I move towards realization of
my ambitions.


I, Arpit, hereby submit my statement of purpose for graduate
study in XXX program at XXX University and certify that I have received no
assistance in writing and editing this essay. 



Arpit Tiwari