If who are going to read it.

If words that are
spoken are not enough‚ maybe written words can help you, especially when using
creative writing. We all know that writing is a medium of communication for us
humans to understand each other but creative writing gives us more than just the
old writing way.  It is a way of writing
that lets us express ourselves more by using techniques such as figures of
speech‚ our senses‚ and a lot more to cover up meanings and emotions. It also
lets the reader of our work dig deeper and use their cognitive skills to see
our perspective that is hidden through symbols and words. It is also a type of
writing that exceeds the professional and academic boundaries of writing.

There are a wide
variety of methods to choose from in creative writing that is aligned with our
feelings and emotions. Creative writing can also be compared to a freedom wall
that allows our inner self to manifest its true emotions without limiting our
vocabulary but still comprehensible by the ones who are going to read it. It
also makes our work catch the attention of other people and to open their eyes
and minds so that they are not always on the literal side of what they are
reading.  It is the primary tool of song
writers‚ poets‚ or even a student to let words dance in a harmonic melody.
Mastering the foundations of creative writing takes time like perfecting our
grammar skills but it will be very beneficial in the end game. Creative writing
also reflects the culture of the writer and what characteristics he/she

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humans have a lot of ways to connect with one another. For me‚ creative writing
will always be a branch of writing that could live as long as humans exist. At
the end of the day‚ we still have our own choices to make and own ways to
express ourselves. As I say my final words let me end this with a quote from
Robin Williams‚ “No matter what people
tell you‚ words and ideas can change the world.”