If them know that they are responsible

If I could change any school rule I would change the rule that does not allow students to bring in or have outside food. Many schools do not permit for students parents to bring outside food to them for lunch or have off-campus lunch. Several students complain about how they wish they had outside food for lunch. Therefore, that is why I would change the rule to let students bring outside food to enjoy their lunch.Also, along with this rule, I wish we had off-campus lunch. I understand that if a student were to leave school and get in an accident the school would be liable. Unless, the school required every student that wanted off-campus lunch to sign a waiver letting them know that they are responsible for being on time to class and anything that can or does happen to them. If they are late to class then they should not be eligible to get off-campus lunch for the rest of the six weeks. For students to be allowed off-campus lunch then the school needs to make sure they have good grades and have a good attitude in school. For example, if a student gets ISS more than two times or get low grades constantly then they should not be allowed to have this privilege. Can you imagine how many more students would try harder at school if we had this privilege? Along with the good grades, no tardies, and no ISS, if the student is always missing school they should not get off-campus lunch. If we have off-campus lunch then our lunches would have to be longer.Pros of having off-campus lunch is that we would have a huge variety of food. Many students bring their own lunch from home because they do not enjoy school food. I am one of those students. I pack a lunch every single day because I do not enjoy school food. Also, having this privilege would bring more business to local restaurants. High school prepares you for college so why not let the students get prepared to be an adult? It would teach the scholars how to be responsible before heading out to college and being on your own. As for the students that do not drive, their parents can drop their food off. Our school makes the students eat the outside food in the office which is no fun. I would change it to where students can enjoy their delicious food in the cafeteria with their friends. A lot of undergraduates get tired of the same food all the time. I understand that the school cafeteria tries to switch it up as much as they can, but sometimes you have enough of their food. Having outside food would be nice every once in a while. If teachers can have it why can’t the students have it?In conclusion, being able to bring in outside food would be wonderful. Although, many people think students will not have enough time to go off campus and get food I think it would be a good idea to allow outside food on campus or off-campus lunch. Many more students would enjoy lunch if this were to happen. There is nothing wrong with students having lunch on campus and it will do no harm to the school.