Ikea Customer Behaviour Essay

Consumer behaviours Who are the firm’s current and potential customers? IKEA’s current and potential customers are male and female consumers who are in their early teens to mid-70. Consumers who make their purchases at IKEA may be renovators or interior-designer, empty nesters, or just customers who want to decorate their home. Renovators or interior designers may make their purchases at this store because it provides stylish, functional, low-cost furnishings that customers can assemble themselves As well, renovators and interior-designer are considered to be heavy users because they make most of their purchases at the store.

Empty nesters are seniors who downsize their homes because their children have all grown up. Respectively, they are categorized as business-to-business customer and business-to-customer. These are the firm’s current and potential customers because the price range is suitable for low-high income consumers. IKEA targets those who are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate homes and businesses.

More specifically, their current and potential customers, such as middle aged families, college students and first time homeowners, specifically from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, seek to obtain medium quality, low cost products of a wide variety, that meet the needs of their modern lifestyle.? The important players in the purchasing process for IKEA include purchasers such as first time homeowners, who both purchase and use the product, along with users, such as parents and children, who specifically use the product.? Most of IKEA’s current and potential customers use the company and products as heavy users.

Due to the inexpensive cost and general quality of the products, most users are drawn into a heavy cycle of usage. What do customers do with the firm’s products? As a company focused on offering customers an inexpensive option to home and business furnishing, IKEA connects their products to their customers in ways of price, availability, design and convenience. Due to their affordability, customers are able to purchase stylish, modern furniture without putting a stress on their bank accounts. Due to their advertising (catalogue and showcase rooms), a large majority of IKEA’s sales are combination purchases.

While the quantity varies between the types of product purchased, items such as decorative accessories are normally consumed in a higher quantity. A large majority of IKEA’s products are purchased for personal use, however, companies looking to furnish empty houses, offices, and workspaces look to IKEA to provide a low cost, luxury product.? As a mean of cost efficiency, IKEA focuses on ensuring their products and packaging are both environmentally conscious by complying with a strict environmental standard, and ensuring the use of renewable, reusable and recycled materials as much as possible.

Where do customers purchase the firm’s products? The firm’s products are purchased through in-store and online buying. However, catalogues are distributed to encourage customer purchasing.? As mentioned, the in-store and online showcase room allow customers to pair items, which in turn allow them to visualize how their space can look. This increases purchase by implementing an impulse approach. When do customers purchase the firm’s products? By means of promotional events such as sales and price changes, IKEA coaxes their customers into the stores and online website.

By doing so, their not only promote their on-sale items, but increase the visibility of items easily paired with that of which the customer is hoping to buy. Along with their delivery options, such as rentable vans and doorstep delivery, IKEA makes it as easy as possible for their customers to purchase items whenever they feel necessary. While IKEA’s products are not based on seasonal or competitive activities, their purchasing behavior is affected by the continuous growth of their customers. As customers grow and families expand, the large variety of products IKEA offers, allows them to meet their furnishing needs all in one location.