Ilab3 Essay

Create the Multifile Project and the Main (Base) Class Back to top Create a new project that consists of the base class BankAccount. The BankAccount class should contain, at minimum, the following members. It should contain data members to store a bank customer’s balance and account number. These should be of different and appropriate data types. It should have function members that do the following: set the account number; return the account number; return the account balance; deposit money into the account; and withdraw money from the account.

STEP 2: Create the CheckingAccount Class Derived From the BankAccount Class Back to top The class CheckingAccount should contain, at a minimum, the following members. It should contain a data member to keep track of the number of withdrawal transactions made on the account. Whenever a withdrawal is made, this number should be incremented. Override the base class, withdraw-money function, and add the capability to deduct transaction fees from an account using the following guidelines. The checking account is allowed three free transactions.

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For each successful withdrawal transaction past the three free transactions, there will be a service fee of 50 cents per transaction. The service fee should be deducted from the account balance at the time the transaction is made. If there are insufficient funds in the account balance to cover the withdrawal plus the service fee, the withdrawal should be denied. The function should return a value to indicate whether the transaction succeeded or failed. Transaction fees should be deducted only from successful transactions, but the transaction count should be incremented in either case. STEP 4: Test Program Operation

Back to top All data-input and data-display operations (cin and cout) should be done in the function main() test program. The test program should create one checking account and one bank account with initial balances of $100 each using the functions defined in the class definitions. The test program should also assign a unique, five-digit account number to each account. 3. Call all member functions for each account. 4. Each account operation should display the account number and the account balance. Lab Questions Back to top Please answer all the lab questions in the text file that is to be turned into the Dropbox.

You are not required to copy the question text into your document, but all answers should be listed with the question number they answer. Were any base-class functions called in either of the derived class? If so, list which class and which function, and explain why they were either called or overloaded. Were any derived-class functions not explicitly called by the test program? If so, list which class and function, and explain why this was done. Which access attribute was used for the derived class from the base class? Why was this access attribute chosen?