Illegal Trump displayed very conservative opinions related

Illegal Immigration has always been one of the top concerns in our country, especially for Donald Trump. Before his inauguration, President Trump displayed very conservative opinions related to immigration. He believes by building a 50 foot wall between the borderline of Mexico and the United States, it will create more difficulty for immigrants to cross into America illegally. In reality, since Trump’s desire is to have Mexico pay for the wall, he is doing more damage than good to both Mexico and America by physically separating families, targeting poor U.S. citizens, and causing chaos between the two countries. The wall will divide families and technically will not solve any problems at all. The proposed ideal wall would be an estimated cost of nearly $70 billion and approximately cover 700 to 900 miles of land with additional tech-based solutions. Building a wall to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, the government is taking land to erect the structure. Additionally, residents are continually bringing up the fact that the land occupied by the proposed wall is currently occupied by mainly poor citizens, and modest income homeowners. Although the wall may somewhat control the amount of immigrants coming to the states illegally, the proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States is unnecessary and would drastically impact the lives of poor citizens and illegal immigrants.   While immigration has always been an issue we face as a country, the wall most certainly will not have an impact to solving the problem of controlling inefficient illegal immigration. The wall will not be effective because migrants and drugs are still going to find ways to smuggle into the states. In the article, “The Wall Is a Fantasy”, Jose Talavera, a farmer from Honduras, has attempted to go into the U.S. illegally three times and even a 50 foot wall will not stop him. He mentions, ” This time, if caught, i’ll go back and try again”. Nothing could stop him, he said. Not even a new wall. This shows that no matter what you put between the border of Mexico and the U.S., people are still going to want to find their way into America. It is important to consider that the wall is nothing but a barrier that cannot better the issues we are dealing with today. Instead, the proposed wall by Trump is only affecting and impacting the lives of poor American citizens by diving families and overall being a waste of money. Furthermore, the wall should not be considered for the reason being that it is a waste of money and no change is going to be made if this wall does get built. Another key factor is that the building the wall may backfire and make situations worse. In the end, the wall will have no effect whatsoever. According Navarrette Ruben Jr from the Daily Beast, the wall will be very difficult to build through rivers, mountains, and other forms of land:You see, walls won’t do wonders. At least that’s what I’ve heard from Border Patrol agents each of the half dozen times I’ve visited the U.S.-Mexico border–in Arizona, Texas, and California. They don’t mind the additional fencing, and many of them will tell you that it does tend to slow down some would-be border crossers and give border patrol agents more time to get to the scene. As one especially wise border patrol agent once told me, “There is no barrier known to man that will stop someone who has traveled hundreds of miles to feed his family. He will go over, under, or around anything you put up.” So, go ahead. Build your dang wall. Feel better. And nothing will change.Navarrette points out that nothing will change and even border patrol is very aware of the fact that people will do anything it takes to provide for their family and have access to the american dream. No matter the size or length of a wall, people will somehow find a way to get across the border. Additionally, Navarrette talks about how the wall would not make a difference to solving problems associated with smugglers when he says, ” Once you construct your precious wall, and immigrant smugglers respond by tripling their fees and building tunnels underneath it (or simply leasing drug tunnels that are already there) to stay in business, you can admit you were wrong, put aside simplistic solutions and think more deeply about how to deal with illegal immigration.” This quote from Navarrette emphasizes that smugglers are going to respond to the wall by tripling their fees. This is important to consider because this would cause smugglers to be more into their business. By building a wall, immigrants are going to carry an additional weight to their chest, and for the poor U.S. citizens, situations are only going to get worse. Building the wall is a very unfair, cruel, and unnecessary thing to do. We as a country should do better in fulfilling the needs of immigrants and not follow Trump’s desires into building this wall. Some may argue that Trump’s wall is a nessectiy for security needs in our country. They believe that there are way too many security issues associated with the Mexican border. Subsequently, those who are in favor of Trump’s wall are a handful of republicans meaning they can be a bit more conservative. One main reason the are in favor of Trump’s wall is because they are worried for their safety due to the amount of drug cartels and “violent” illegal immigrants. According to, Andy Biggs shows his concerns towards the current border between Mexico and the U.S. when he says, “The Border Patrol agents I spoke with that day told me a wall is needed to keep illegal aliens out of our country – along with additional Border Patrol agents, a road along the border wall for agents to patrol and enhanced technology. These agents are tired of being tasked with defending miles of fence posts and wire that can easily be stepped over or crawled under and provide zero obstruction.They shared stories of living in constant fear that their lives and livelihoods are under attack by the daily hordes of individuals and drug cartels traipsing through their lands… It makes no sense to me that politicians would continue to let Americans live in these conditions so that unvetted foreign nationals have easy access to the United States.” While Andy Biggs, the Border Patrol, and those who are in favor of the wall may be right, they are ignoring the fact that not every illegal immigrant is a criminal. When coming to America, most who do come illegally come to support their families back home and be able to obtain things they would have never had back in their country. It is essential to realize that no matter what Trump or the government tries to do try to solve this issue, people will always find a way to be supportive of their families. Trump’s wall would not be STOPPED HERE FINISH GURL As a closing thought, America is a land of immigrants. We all came and originated from elsewhere. Without immigrants, some jobs would not exist, they are not taking our jobs. We should not deal with the amount of illegal immigrants in the manner of building a wall. It is unnecessary and a big waste of money, which is why the government should do the right thing and deal with this situation more efficiently and keep immigrant families in mind. There are better solutions to solve this issue by giving out more green cards, visas, and other things that do not require a 50 foot wall. A wall would only affect the poor and it will divide families, while the wealthy still watch as their homes and land are not affected. Furthermore, it is to be known that Francis Scott Key is the one behind the words “The land of the free and the home of the brave”. This slogan is exactly what America should be, but unfortunately that is not the case. Immigrants should feel welcome and we should try our best to deal with Border Patrol situations. There are better solutions do deal with this situation, which is why we should not build Trump’s wall.