Illuminati: a Myth or Reality? Essay

“Beneath the broad tides of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depth the changes that take place upon the surface” (1) quotes Arthur Edward Waite, a scholarly mystic who had particular interest in occult and esoteric schemes. Secret societies have existed since the dawn of mankind, as some people deem it necessary to hide certain ideas and plans from the general public, mostly due to their wicked nature.

Skull & Bones originating from The Yale University, The Bilderberg Group and The Freemasons are few examples of secret societies, each of them have included an elite and influential group of members ranging from representatives of major corporations to renowned politicians, such as George W. Bush, Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin. Another such society, though having much more sinister goals, is that of the Illuminati.

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The Illuminati, meaning “the enlightened ones”, was founded in May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit lawyer in Bavaria, with the intention of disbanding all the governments and religions in the world in order to create a one-world government, i. e. a New World Order (NWO). However, after the discovery of its plans by the Bavarian government, the order was outlawed and it eventually met its demise. Since then, certain events across the globe have indicated the brotherhood’s presence.

Many people are of the view that Illuminati had come to its end after this incident, while conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati survived and went underground, executing its plan from therein. Then again, a good secret society is the one not known about. Adam Weishaupt quotes, “The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always concealed by another name, and another occupation” (1).

Although many people consider the modern conspiracy theory regarding the Illuminati a hoax due to lack of credible evidence, however progress towards the establishment of an NWO, widespread symbolism, whistleblowers’ accounts and media’s role in advocating the agenda of Illuminati, all point towards Illuminati’s presence within the society. The debate has attracted scholarly attention as well and many authors have written books regarding the presence of Illuminati and its malicious plots.

William Carr’s ‘Pawns in the Game’ discusses the subject in great detail where he has explained Illuminati’s origin and its ominous schemes about establishing an NWO and that, considering they are ‘the enlightened ones’, it’s their right to rule over the general public, which is considered inferior. This agenda of NWO can be seen today in how the Illuminati have, possibly, infiltrated the government machinery of the U. S. nd are conducting economic policies that will establish them as the Monarch of the world, with other nations under their domain. According to Carr, the brotherhood came into being when Adam Weishaupt embraced the ‘Luciferian’ (Carr 5) conspiracy of establishing a ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Carr 5) in the world after defecting from Christianity. He planned on achieving this goal by forming the ‘Order of the Perfectibilists’, which was later known as The Illuminati.

An evil plot was designed by him which included the termination of all the governments, starting with that of Bavaria, and religions, followed by splitting of the nations into two and equipping each side for taking part in what would be a ‘social cataclysm’ (Carr 5); a disaster so great that it would leave the people with no choice but to accept a one-world government, i. e. the NWO. David Rockefeller, who admits to having conspired towards a one-world government in his biography, i. e. Memoirs, quotes, “We are on the verge of a global transformation.

All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order” (Flynt 1). In ‘Pawns in the Game’, Carr explains how the Illuminati were behind various revolutions that occurred in the past, e. g. the French and the Russian revolution, as well as the World Wars and are now planning the initiation of a third World War, dubbed as the ‘social cataclysm’. Carr also claims that Adam Weishaupt planned that the Illuminati would also achieve this purpose of creating an NWO by controlling the mechanics of this world from the top, i. e. y infiltrating all government offices, media industry, public sectors such as those of education and health etc. , for increased control of the world affairs and, more specifically, the mind of an individual. The plot also included the diversion of the public attention from the important matters of state with the help of media so that the brotherhood may execute their heinous plan in concealment and without much opposition.

The development of this idea can be seen in the government structure of the only superpower of the world, i. e. the U. S. From the founding fathers, e. g. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison etc. to the more recent ones, e. g. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, the U. S. government structure is filled with Freemasons, who are known to be closely related to the Illuminati. Thomas Jefferson, the aforementioned U. S. President, was himself a student of Adam Weishaupt (Carr 7), founder of the Illuminati. Masons, who distinguished themselves as being exceptional, were inducted into the Illuminati, back in the brotherhood’s earlier days. Weishaupt said, “None is fitter than the lower degrees of Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it” (1).

This close connection between Illuminati and the Masons testifies to the notion of the ongoing development of a one-world government in the present day. The Mason-filled administration of the U. S. has adopted several economic policies that aid the materialization of an NWO-oriented society. This phenomenon is echoed in John Perkin’s book, ‘Confessions of an economic hitman’ in which he narrates how the aforementioned policies are executed. Economic hitmen (EHM), Perkins describes, are “highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars” (Perkins 2).

Being an ex-economic hitman himself, John Perkins tells the tale of a global empire in the making. Perkins claims that the U. S. nurtures several EHMs who lure the governments of the developing countries into accepting loans from the U. S. which amount to such enormous figures that those developing countries are unable to pay them off, since only a few elite groups within that country actually benefit from the foreign aid. This renders the country in debt of the U. S. , which imposes its policies on various issues within that country and as a result, gains a significant control over it.

This policy is reminiscent of the Illuminati’s plan of creating a one-world government. Also, as only a fraction of the community gains from the U. S. aid, the wealth gap within that developing country expands and takes the shape of Illuminati’s famous “superior should rule the ordinary” motto. These appalling connections are not mere coincidences, but rather a systematic set of events which clearly reflect the sinister plans of the Illuminati, i. e. striving towards an NWO. Thorough research on William Carr’s part, careful examination of the political system of the U.

S. and an ex-EHM’s explanation of the U. S. economic policy, bears witness to the ongoing efforts towards accomplishment of Illuminati’s motto, i. e. the NWO. Another indication of Illuminati’s continued existence is the staggering occurrence of their symbolism in today’s era. The infamous symbol of the Illuminati is the ‘all-seeing’ eye which boasts several interpretations in today’s world. The Muslim opinion regarding the symbol is that the eye refers to the eye of one-eyed false prophet Dajjal, who will arrive after ‘the great war’ has taken place.

Interesting how this idea of a ‘great war’ bears a surprising resemblance to the Illuminati’s planned ‘social cataclysm’ as mentioned earlier. Another belief surrounding this symbol is that the eye is derived from the eye of Horus, an Egyptian God denoting protection and power. However, the most rational explanation is that the ‘all-seeing’ eye signifies the egotistical views of the Illuminati, who considered themselves the superior beings and of possessing the right to rule the average. The constant appearance of this symbol in numerous spheres today, e. g. in media, buildings and the U.

S. dollar, affirms the possible survival of the Illuminati. The careful analysis of the U. S. dollar note by William Carr, and many others, is an eye-opener in itself. The one-dollar note features an uncapped pyramid, said to be one of Illuminati’s symbols itself, with an eye on top of it. The eye is in similitude to the insignia of the Illuminati, i. e. the ‘all-seeing’ eye. The bottom of the pyramid displays Roman numerals, MDCCLXXVI, which, upon addition (in compliance with the Roman arithmetic), equal 1776; the year in which the Illuminati was officially found.

Another intriguing feature in the dollar note is the Latin phrase inscribed beneath the eye-pyramid figure that says “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM”. When translated into English, the phrase becomes “new order of the ages” which is in close proximity to what ‘New World Order’ means (Carr 8). This set of symbolism and numerology, on what is potentially an NWO-currency, only adds to the growing suspicion of Illuminati’s existence. The ‘all-seeing’ eye can also be seen in countless other places: music videos, cartoons, movies, buildings etc.

From movies, such as National Treasure and Being There, to cartoons, e. g. The Simpsons, South Park and Nickelodeon, flashes of the ‘all-seeing’ eye are a common sight. Music videos also contain many subliminal messages pertaining to the Illuminati symbolism and condition the viewers’ minds to get accustomed to it. The symbols are strategically placed in plain sight and the audience is drawn into accepting their occurrence as a norm, thus helping the Illuminati to function in disguise without inviting any unwanted attention.

Keeping in mind the close association of the Freemasons and the Illuminati in the past, another symbol often encountered, especially in the music videos, is that of a chequered floor. Chequered floors are usually associated with the Freemasons who are known to perform traditional, as well as bizarre, rituals on them. The black and white blocks in the chequered floor are said to denote darkness/evil and light/good, respectively. The floors, it is believed, “serve as magical circles” and are responsible for cross-travel between the dimensions of our world and that of the unseen.

Sightings of such a floor have come up in concerts (MTV Video Music Awards 2007 in Vegas), movies (The Matrix) and even in festivities such as the Royal Wedding of Prince Williams and Catherine Middleton. All these occurrences bear witness to Illuminati’s presence under the cloak of normality. The third controversial figure of the Illuminati lingering in the present-day symbolism is that of an Owl. The owl was a symbol of the Illuminati in the early days because of the creature’s wisdom and ability to see through the dark, an idea in line with the phenomenon of the ‘all-seeing’ eye.

The owl is a logo for the famous American restaurant chain “Hooters” which features attractive waitresses in revealing outfits. It is also disguised in the design of the U. S. dollar note and is boasted by Drake, a hip-hop artist, in his tattoos and merchandise. The owl is also a key element in the strange occult rituals carried out in the Bohemian Grove, a campground in California where world’s most powerful men assemble. Above instances of Illuminati’s symbols in current times, i. e. the ‘all-seeing’ eye, the chequered floor and the owl, show the brotherhood’s continued activity in the world and how it passes by unnoticed.

On the contrary, the main argument presented by the opposing side is that there is no real evidence or factual information on whether the Illuminati still exists and that the whole conspiracy theory is actually just a hoax. Jennifer Hudson, an American singer, blasts the idea of Illuminati’s presence by stating that it is “…the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life” (1). Kanye West, a recognized singer, has joked about the absurdity of the Illuminati’s connection with the music industry. He has written, “I’ve got question about “the illuminati” … what is it exactly??? …

And why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!! LOL” (Ziegbe 1), on his page on the social networking site called Twitter. This shows how people with rigid beliefs are unreceptive to the growing influence of the Illuminati around them and reflects naivety on their part, considering how the Illuminati-act is being played right in front of their eyes. There is staggering amount of supporting evidence that proves that the Illuminati have lived on through all these years and are planning their wicked moves in secrecy. Among the evidence, the most significant one is that of the footage recorded inside Bohemian Grove (BG).

BG, as mentioned earlier, is a 2,700 acre campground in California and is owned by the Bohemian Club, which comprises of some of the world’s most powerful men, such as leading businessmen, musicians and even U. S. presidents (mostly Masons). Some notable members include George Bush, Ronald Reagan, David Rockefeller and Donald Rumsfeld etc. The footage was recorded by Alex Jones, an American talk radio host and a filmmaker, who managed to infiltrate the compound despite its comprehensive security structure. The recording shows a certain ritual underway, called the “Cremation of the Care”.

As the name suggests, the ritual involves cremation of an effigy, “Care”, in front of a large statue of an owl and resembling a human sacrifice. Disturbing shrieks, a rite-like arrangement and a fiery scenario hints that some evil practice is underway. The mascot, as well as the logo, of the Club is an owl, one of the Illuminati’s key symbols. These common elements, i. e. Masons, congregation of powerful men and the owl, compel oneself to go back to what Adam Weishaupt said about the “concealment” of the “Order” and how it should operate under other another name.

Another groundbreaking piece of evidence that confirms the presence of Illuminati is the whistleblowing by an ex-Illuminati trainer, Svali. Svali, who goes by her pseudonym for obvious reasons, has explained the mechanics of the occult brotherhood in an extensive series of interviews. She recalls how the Illuminati have infiltrated many agencies, offices and organizations to bring about a New World Order. She also confirms the Freemason-Illuminati connection by commenting, “The Freemasons and the Illuminati are hand in glove” (1).

According to her, the reason why Illuminati is wrongly seen as a fabricated legend is because “…the average person does NOT want to know, and even when confronted with it, will look the other way” (1). Apart from the evidence provided by BG’s footage, these interviews cover the nuts and bolts of the brotherhood and further cement the claim regarding Illuminati’s ongoing operations. Finally, the brotherhood’s prevalence can be traced down to what is their most effective tool; Media. Through media, the Illuminati have been known to promote one of their causes, i. . mind control. According to Nielsen Co. , a supplier of marketing information, an average American watches 4 hours of television everyday; an equivalent of 9 years in a 65-year old life. This excess watching of the TV facilitates the Illuminati in accomplishing their planned strategies of altering the personalities of the young, especially through music artists who are seen as idols by many. These music artists are mere marionettes, having their strings pulled by the Illuminati in promoting sex- a vice Illuminati is accused of using as a weapon.

A survey of the Billboard top charts in 2009 has revealed that 92% of the songs on the list contained references to sex. Also, the Illuminati symbolism in the music videos is on the rise, e. g. U2’s video “Yahweh” features simulations of the ‘all-seeing’ eye and Rihanna’s music video of “S;M” shows flashes of the phrase “Princess of the Illuminati”. Madonna’s “Frozen” has also sparked a debate among conspiracy theorists due to its controversial video and lyrics. It is a common perception that these artists ‘sell their souls’ to the ‘devil’ in exchange of earthly luxuries, i. . money and fame. Some artists even admit to doing so in their interviews, e. g. Bob Dylan, Katy Perry etc. , while some mention it in their songs’ lyrics, e. g. DMX, in his song ‘Let me fly’, says “I sold my soul to the devil, and the price was cheap” (1). Even Michael Jackson is said to have worked as an Illuminati ‘puppet’ in his earlier days but later on, upon discovering their wicked scheme, renounced his position through a cryptic message in his music video of ‘Black ; White’.

This ‘treachery’ of Michael Jackson seemingly aroused anger among the Illuminati brotherhood, which tried to defame him by accusing him of molesting a child and later on, when Michael died in 2009, it was rumored that he was murdered. Michael’s sister La Toya, in an interview, stated how Michael kept on telling her that his life was in danger. When she was asked if it was a murder, a one-word reply followed; “Absolutely”. Michael, during his last days, reportedly told his friend, “Please don’t leave me. They’re trying to kill me” (1). Indeed, the King of Pop was pointing towards the Illuminati.

These instances in the media world suggest that the Illuminati did not cease to exist but rather went into hiding, conducting its policies from therein. All things considered, the presence of an ordinary secret society may require little attention from the public but the situation becomes graver when a Society’s aim is to revolutionize the world in accordance with its ‘Luciferian’ schemes. The shaping up of the world’s structure into a one-world government, the ‘hidden’ symbolism and the suspicion surrounding media, all point to Illuminati’s existence to this very day.

Skeptics argue that lack of evidence reflects the illegitimacy of this claim; however, this is disproven through Svali’s whistleblowing and surfacing of BG’s footage which reveals the continued activity of the occult brotherhood. This situation calls for people’s awareness who should open their own eyes towards followers of the ‘all-seeing’ eye before it is too late and the drastic NWO materializes.

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