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I’m sure there isn’t a single person in this room that actually likes homework. Sometimes, and for others, a lot of the time, homework seems like a complete waste of time. While the idea of homework itself isn’t a waste of time, like anything in life, too much of it does have negative effects.Personally I believe that currently there is too much homework for students, and I would like to show you why.I’m not an expert by any means of the subject of homework and it’s real benefits. But to me this is a very big issue because in my opinion I believe excess homework does harm students. I have recently become much more keen to learn more about how an overload of homework can affect a students health as I as well as other students are becoming more and more sleep deprived because of it. Also I am a student here and get too much homework.Today I will be giving you all information with my own insight on the disadvantages of homework as well as discussing where homework becomes a legitimate problem that can affect a student’s life. Again, the problem is the excess amount of homework many teachers give, and the negative effect it gives. Stanford University had done a study in 2014 of high schoolers living in prestigious, high income, and high achieving communities. It was found that although academic performance was definitely higher than the national average, the happiness of the students was amongst the lowest. Research in the past has suggested that homework isn’t very beneficial after about 2 hours of homework a night, while the average amount of homework a night for the 4,317 students studied was 3.1 hours. This affects everyone here because we also have this same problem. Sometimes there is too much material to go through, with AP classes, and core classes, that homework is a necessity to practice as much of the information as possible. But when multiple teachers are assigning 2 hours of homework a night, it adds up very quickly. We have other active school activities that we have to attend to like sports, work, extracurriculars, and having a social life. When the time to do these things are taken away, it decreases happiness, and increases stress, which results in health reductions because of health problems like sleep deprivation, headaches, and exhaustion. There are more things to life than your academic career.Technically the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress), does not support the idea of the fact that a large amount of students have too much homework. Using this piece of information, many individuals discredit the belief of ¬†excess of homework and argue that the load of homework has not really changed. Some people use the information gathered from polls that showed that high school students actually get less than an hour of homework a night, like the study from the Center for American Progress in 2012, which stated that “many schools are not challenging students and large percentages of students report that their school work is too easy.” This statement is based on data students provided on the night before a standardized test, in which they asked a question about the amount of homework they had last night, prior to the test. Would teachers assign as much or any homework at all the day before a standardized test?What these people fail to realize is that, education differs in every community. In an urban city like Detroit or Pontiac, there are many schools that aren’t given homework because their education system is very poor, and students and teachers alike do not have the motivation to do better, students have other things to worry about other than homework. Also, these statistics on the amount of homework teachers give out is highly debatable. Not every kid works at the same pace, so something that may only take an hour for one kid, might take an extra 30 minutes or an hour to do themselves. Because of all of these variables, the reliability of ¬†the studies are questionable.This problem needs to be solved, and although it will definitely take some time, I believe it can be reduced substantially. School boards, and institutions need to review our current curriculums and make sure that courses aren’t too vigorous and fast-paced that it isn’t allowing enough time for students to actually learn and retain the information. To do this I believe a newly designed standardized test needs to be created that asks legitimate questions on how they believe the amount of homework affects their understanding of the subject and overall well-being and life. The test should be a written test so that the reasoning behind their view on homework can be assessed properly.This way, they can know which subjects specifically they will need more or less homework in and be able to provide recommendations for teachers. The teachers themselves must be willing to understand and actually change upIn order to get them to do this, you all, the students, teachers, and parents have to come together and create and sign petitions, and letters to send to school boards and institutions so that we let them know that we think this is a serious problem that is legitimately negatively affecting kids health. Overall we have talked about why the amount of homework we’re getting is an issue, and what we can do to fix this. In conclusion, excessive homework is a real issue, and it needs to be addressed a soon as possible. Again, we must let the officials, those who are in charge of our schools curriculums know that although we are increasing academic success nationally, it comes with the expensive of the happiness and well-being of students. If we don’t a balance will not be found, and the high schoolers of the future will experience even more worse problems than us. Thank you for listening, and I hope you’ve really taken my words into consideration.