Immigration of them being they wanted more

Immigration is something that changed America forever. In this essay I will be describing the four major waves of immigration. All four waves played a huge part in American history and they each played a huge part in the friend we have and the food that we eat. So after you read this you will feel immigration played a huge role in American history.So in the pre 1790 there were people coming to America for many different reasons 1 of them being they wanted more land and that they wanted to be more free. So when the europeans came they were sometimes violent but then sometimes they would be friendly. But after the europeans were there they started to realize that there they were not the only immigrants here. There were also some African Americans who were forcibly brought here. The congress couldn’t do much to affect immigration because that power was given to the states. But the congress can and did ban slave trade after 1808. Immigration slowed down in the early years of republican and then even more after the war. Then after peace there was a lot of immigration.At the beginning a bunch of immigrants started coming to America because they needed help with things like making the railroads. So that took a while to do so all the immigrants were there for like 10 to 15 years trying to make the railroads. And that time period the immigrants were having families and living their normal lives. But then when they finished the railroads they were so adapted to their life and their family that they did not want to leave. So they started to take jobs and the people were not immigrants were not happy about it because they made it really difficult to find a job. So the immigrants experienced a lot of hate.The third wave was from 1880 to 1930. And within that timespand many immigrants came to america. Who came was a bunch of people that are not from america such as asians and mexicans. They came here for many reasons. But the main reason is that they wanted to live a better life than they were living. They thought that if you were poor or homeless then you could just come to america and everything would be awesome and that they could just restart and have a better life. And they traveled across the ocean so that they could get to Ellis island to get tested and there is where they will be told if they were able to go through the gates to America. And all of the immigrants were scared of ellis island in a way because that was where they decided the biggest decision of their lives. But anything was worth it for them to go to America because they thought that it was perfect there. They thought maids maids had maids, the streets were made of gold, and it rained money. So they basically thought that it was heaven. But they would soon come to find out that wasn’t the case. They were welcomed into America and they did not seem like a problem to the Americans until the great depression. The immigrants were blamed for taking all of the jobs. So they were not liked by many Americans. So they kept making different laws so that less and less immigrants were allowed into the United States until they eventually closed the gates.The fourth wave was from 1930 to 1965. Who came was a bunch people trying trying to escape the nazis. But once they arrived they were mostly turned away but some of them were let in. When they arrived they went to ellis island like most of the people did. And what they experienced once they arrived was a bunch of hate. Like the japanese that also arrived were treated terribly but they later apologized. They changed the face of America because they brought many things that the Americans never saw like different food.You just read about all of the different waves of immigration and about how each one was really important. So now you know about how immigration changed America and possibly your life.