Boyles argument through the Tortilla Curtain explains how immigrants are treated in society and human beings who live a difficult life than most americans. In the book the Tortilla curtain by TC Boyle, he talks about the difficult times immigrants face, also the ways they live and how the immigrants cant relate to the American society, and have their American Dream. In the novel, the satrical portrayal of the illegal immigrants experience is effective because it demonstrates the rough times immigrants go through.

How its also really diificult for them to obtain their American Dream, contribute to the society, and work hard for longs hours. Boyle uses exageration to show how immigrants are treated in society. The immigrants are treated like if they were not to be humans, they are mistreated and judged. For example, in the beggining of the novel, theres a scene where Delaney and Candido are presented, and Delaney almost runs over Candido with his car. Delaney cares more about how his car is than on innocent poor Candido.

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“For a long moment they stood there, examining eachother, unwitting perpetrator and unwitting victim and then the man let the useless bag frop from his fingers with a tinkle of broken glass”(8) This quote describes Delaney and Candido, looking at eachother after the accident. They also contemplate eachother. Another scene in the novel is when Delaney is walking on the trails of the canyon, and he sees the campsite with alot of trash, and is a dirty looking place. “All he could think of was the sheriff and getting these people and their garbage heap out of here, of hustling them right back to wherever they did come from, slums, favelas, barrios, what ever they call them, they didnt belong here, that was for sure. This quote demonstrates how american citizen Delaney doesnt want illegal immigrants to be where he lives, or country.

He thinks they dont belong here because they are criminals. This is why the author T.C Boyle uses exageration when describing on immigrants life style. In the novel, it is described how hard the illegal immigrants work for long hours. They work hard because they take advantage to get money. Its hard when your looking for work and a rare oppurtinity when you do get a job when being a immigrant. America who is Candidos wife, finally got a job and works full hours and even decides to go overtime, she gets really motivated and excited that she finally got a job after waiting a long time. “She worked hard,worked like two men, and she never stopped not even to stretcher aching back or massage her cramping fingers, not even for a minute”.

(97)  This quote demonstrates how an illegal immigarnt only comes to another country for a better job and to make money, and also shows how they put long hours of work. Many immigrants today in life are still coming to the US illegaly , only in search for work and to help their family. Having a better paying job is the best thing for them, because they dont suffer as much as before. For example Immigration Narrative says “A girl named sadana who came from India in search for work because, her family couldnt make money anymore and were suffering.

She came here illegaly with other persons in search for a good job, and help their families. This quote from Immigration Narratives shows how an immigrant came to another country for a job, to help their family that is struggling. This is important because it shows the life of an illegal immigrant, how they look for a job. They work hard with a fair pay.

Immigrants face many health problems and they cant get help because they arent residents that have no health insurance. They sometimes struggle for along time and dont get medical help. For example in a documentary video we saw in class called “crossing the line, border stories” some immigrants have to live in a small, bad tent in a canyon or a field. These people get sick and dont have any help to recover from the disease.

 They suffer on their own, and can only get medicine when they have worked and saved enough money. “These immigrant men and women live on tents, or make their own roof in order to have a place to sleep, they wake up early in the morning everyday to go look for work, for them to have food and medical medicine because some get sick and cant afford to see a doctor.” This quote demonstrates how the immigrants suffer whenever they are sick.

They must be strong and work for their medicince. They are immigrants that have no health insurance and cant see a doctor for help. In an article I read in ISN, it tells us that  Immigrants are treated differently in society, just because they appear different. People should not discriminate immigrants, they have their own struggling life and are going through alot. And whats the worst and saddest is that they get deported and sometimes dont make it back again. “Local sherrifs are starting to see an increase on deportations. Local sherrif report that they have seen these kind of people around labor exchanges, a place where men and women are have their backpacks, waiting to get work.

Sherrifs know these are not residents because of their physical appearece. In the border, the border patrol is scanning day and night for anyone crossin the border in thr desert.” This quote demonstrates how the poor immigrants who come to the US looking for work and make some money, get deported and sent back to their place they are from. It shows it hard hiding from the police, and being scared to get deported. This is important because it explains how the immigrant hide from the authorities, as if they were to be criminals but in reality they arent they just have that fear of being sent back to the place they came from. They just want some money to help their poor families.

In conclusion all these illegal innocent immigrants all come for a better life and a good paying job. They are no criminals, who vandalize and stuff, they are real people of hard work to make money, be succesful and help their families by sending the money they make. These immigrants come fot the “American Dream” they always wanted. The Author Boyle does an excelent job using satire to show an immigrants daily life. He explains the way they are treated in society and have a difficult and struggling life than an americans life.

The immigrant lives on a canyon in a tent and is really hard to live under these bad conditons, that are not safe.