Impact of a Data Classification Essay

The User Domain is usually the weakest and most susceptible to tampering whether it is from a malicious employee or an untrained or careless user people or human and humans make mistakes. This domain is where personal information is created and internal documents are opened and modified. The user Domain can be modified to only allow access to specific company data.

The Workstation Domain encompasses is where all the users work. We have a very secure access requirement in order for someone to log onto a workstation; they must provide a specific user name and password and the password is required to change every 60 days.We also push out regular updates weekly to all workstations to make sure antivirus and applications are all up to date. The LANA Domain is the group of computers along with all the switches, routers, servers, firewalls, and cables that incorporate the network.

This domain can access systems Company wide from nap. Veer on the CAN Domain which is why we need very strong security on this domain. The building will have specific badge access and data closets and server rooms will have badge and fingerprint access to prevent any unauthorized entry.