Impact of Online Education Essay

Ayush Agrawal Prof. William MacPherson As the term suggests “online education”, the education that one gets through the usage of internet. Online learning is essentially the computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge, hence it is also referred as E-learning.

This system of education applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom opportunities and digital collaboration.About a decade ago, in the late 90’s who would have imagined that 10 years later about a million American students would be studying sitting in their rooms and finally getting a college degree without even going to college. There have been many debates against this modern form of learning and its effectiveness but it looks to be a very helpful and a strong developing form of education. There has been a rapid growth of online education in this global world but it also has given rise to number people disapproving this method of education.In one of the article published in the Ney York Times it has been synthesized that though number of people still oppose this format of learning but most students, parents and teachers approve this method. Saying he suspected “corporate profiteering” in online schooling, State Senator John Lehman, a Democrat who is chairman of the education committee, last month proposed cutting the payments to virtual schools to $3,000 per student.

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But during legislative negotiations that proposal was dropped.There have been many more incidents when politicians have opposed this form of learning to their benefit or for political reasons but online education stays the most modern form of learning. (dillon) In one of the articles written by Greg Rodriguez, he has strongly supported the method of online education. He has advocated that online education is a wonderful tool in globalizing world. Students that are engaged in online learning are better prepared to handle the demands of the modern work-place because of their use of technology. He also believes that some of the learning is best suited for traditional classroom settings.

There is also research that suggests that the impact on learners is negative when course objectives are unclear and expectations are not explicit. As with any style of instruction, objectives must be clear in order to maximize results. The most effective learning occurs when there is an integration of traditional approaches and new technology. Online learning should facilitate the role of the teacher and provide for a multi-sensory approach to learning. (Rodriguez) Though most of us have formed an opinion about online education, in one of the articles the writer has noted that the true worth of online education is still to come.She believes online education has the potential of being harbinger for further social change. Education of students in developing countries, especially females, will make it easier for societies to adapt. With the help of Internet, cultures may become modern enough to accept change and adapt to better thoughts and beliefs.

The articles tells us about the impact of this for of education and internet which could be helpful in future even for creating jobs As far as I am concerned this is an interesting article but weather online education could be an asset for creating jobs and reducing unemployment is still a question. anon) In all the articles there is a positivism about online education and everyone feels that this is the most successful form of education. This unique opportunity is making education accessible to all further helping to reduce the disparities that exist between different people in the society in relation to academic levels or literacy levels in general . The growing popularity of online courses is undeniable, with online enrollment currently growing at a staggering 33% a year.

There are more than 3 million students currently involved in distance or online learning according to the Distance Education and Training Council.And in today’s increasingly connected world, this number continues to grow, and at a fasterate. Work cited Dillon, Sam – Eucation “Online Schooling Grows, Setting Off a Debate” Feb 1, 2008. New York Times. http://www. nytimes. com/2008/02/01/education/01virtual.

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