Imperialism early-1890’s. Liliuokalani was the queen in Hawaii

Imperialism is when a nation begins to dictate another nation.

Subsidy is when the government gives payment to aid war or other

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Spheres of Influence is when a strong nation has multiple powers over
the frail region(s).

The Open Door Policy is a policy established to allow people of all
race to enter a nation with its own government.

The Boxer Rebellion is a rebellion caused by a Chinese confidential
association because of nonnative strain.

A Russo-Japanese War is a war involving Russia and Japan.

Henry Cabot Lodge was a US Senator in which he was a republican.

Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote the book the “The Influence of Sea Power
Upon History”. He was also a naval officer, and a lecturer in what was naval
power & history.

Kalakaua was the ruler of Hawaii from mid-1870’s to early-1890’s.

Liliuokalani was the queen in Hawaii after Kalakaua, who was her

John Hay in 1859 was the United States secretary of state.

Matthew Perry was in the navy. In fact, he was the commodore. He was
in the war with Mexico

USS Maine is a ship from the navy.

 The Spanish-American War was a
war that was linking/among the U.S and Spain.

The Teller Amendment was an amendment that would allow the Cubans to
have jurisdiction.

The Rough Riders were participants in the United States Calvary.

The Philippine Government Act was a law that allowed the Filipinos
could select the lower house and the United States could select the other two
things, the upper house and the governor.

The Jones Act of 1916 was an act that would give the Filipinos the
chance to choose two of the houses for their own legislature.

Jose Marti was a Cuban. Jose was also a journalist and a poet, but
was banished for trying to share his political views about revolution.

Valeriano Weyler was a Spanish general who performed his duties in

William Randolph Hearst was a man who was the owner of the San Francisco
Examiner. He had many political views about war with the United States and

William McKinley was the 25th president, and he is what
had guided the war with Cuba.

George Dewey was in the navy, and was the Admiral. He was in the
American and Spanish War.

Emilio Aguinaldo was a general in the who fought as a Filipino who
fought for the Philippines.

The Platt Amendment was a treaty made to give the United States the
authority to be involved in Cuba’s affairs.

The Protectorate is when a government takes over a certain territory
to defend and preserve it.

The Foraker Act was an act created to allow a government in Puerto

The Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty was a treaty that allowed the United
States to have Jurisdiction on and over the canal in Panama.

Roosevelt Corollary is an oath that guaranteed that the U.S. were
allowed to operate weapons to insure that no other country would take land.

Dollar Diplomacy was a nonnative course of action to make sure that
money was stable in different regions.

Leonard Wood was an officer in the U.S. Army.

Philippe Bunau-Varilla was an engineer who helped decide and create
the Panama canal.