Implementing Internet And Intranet Strategy Computer Science Essay

This study has been prepared by Amrita Paul for Intranet and Internet Management ( ISCG8035 ) as a Written Assignment1.In this study we will be discoursing about the acceptance of Internet engineering for a school Campus.

The cyberspace engineering has to be built on a big secondary school, CNZ Grammar in a major NZ metropolis. In this study we will be discoursing about different ascents for the bing information engineering substructure and to incorporate with an Internet engineering to do it a Corporate Network.This study besides discusses the different issues to implement the electronic mail services for staff and pupils, Internet entree for staff, controlled internet entree for pupils, constructing up web waiter, making web pages, web-based signifiers in big webs. This study even discusses the corporate scheme, cost benefit analysis, architecture, direction issues, and program for pull offing the web content.The study discusses the rating and choice of architecture for the school with justification. This would assist to implement the engineering if the choice of the hardware, runing system, application development tools for electronic mail and web services, content development tools are appropriate. The study concludes with decision or recommendations.The CNZ Grammar, a big secondary school in NZ, is traveling to upgrade its web on campus.

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With over 1500 pupils being enrolled, sum of 225 computing machines, the school finds the demand for an appropriate intranet and cyberspace engineering. The school shows bing installations and there could be some new execution.There are 6 labs of computing machines holding Macintosh and PC workstations, which run on Mac OS 8 and Windows 98.

The computing machines portion a peer-to-peer Ethernet web for file sharing, no waiters are involved for print and file sharing installations for the pupils except for disposal. Microsoft merchandises are used in labs and disposal.Furthermore there are 25 Personal computer running on a Win XP platform for administrative intents.

This interconnectedness is based on a client waiter theoretical account that allows the staff to portion pressmans and files. The waiter is NT4. There is a human resource application within the web running on a MS SQL waiter platform. The staffs use the accounting application MYOB, running on the Personal computer.


The school ‘s Board of Management of CNZ Grammar intends to upgrade the present scenario to the current Internet and Intranet Technology criterions.

So the undermentioned services can be installed:EMAIL SERVICES FOR STAFF AND STUDENTS ( OFF & A ; ON CAMPUS )The school needs an electronic mail service away and on campus for improved communicating for both staff and pupils.INTERNET ACCESS FOR STAFF ( ON CAMPUS )Since the significance of Internet is increasing the school decides to give staff the chance to utilize the Internet as a big beginning of information assemblage. On the campus itself, its users should be able to entree the cyberspace from the local workstations.Controlled INTERNET ACCESS FOR STUDENTS ( ON CAMPUS )Since the significance of Internet is increasing the school decides to give pupils the chance to utilize the Internet as a big beginning of information assemblage. On the campus itself, its users should be able to entree the cyberspace from the local workstations. Restrictions on internet entree apply to the pupils to avoid utilizing their workstations for non-academic intents.WEB SERVER TO STORE TEACHING MATERIAL ACCESSABLE ON AND OFF CAMPUSThe school is holding the demand to hive away and entree the learning stuff on and off the campus.

The files should be stored on the web waiter so that instructors and pupils can easy entree the stuffs.WEB PAGES PROMOTING THE SCHOOLCNZ Grammar wants to show a home page for its publicity every bit good as information bringing. For that a peculiar sphere has to be selected, registered and assigned to the web waiter of the school. So a construct of planing, programming and implementing the place page must be taken in to consideration. So there should be a proper content direction system to do the home page ‘s care easy for the staff.

WEB-BASED FORMS FOR STAFF TO SUBMIT THE LEAVE APPLICATIONSThere is a demand to set up a web based service between the school ‘s place page and HR section so that the staff can subject leave applications.


By analysing the demand it seems that the school wants to set up an IT solution which will enable the pupils and the staff to pass on with each other and even outside the campus. The information should be distributed, processed and integrated within the administration to heighten its service and should be managed with clip efficiency.This would replace the stand-alone computing machine system with interrelated client-server based web to organize the intranet.

The intranet connects set of clients utilizing standard cyberspace protocols called TCP/IP and HTTP. These protocols help to aggregate information from different beginnings accessible to instructors, pupils, and staff in the school. This would vouch public presentation, handiness, security.

“ An intranet is an internal company web that uses the cyberspace criterions of HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language ) and HTTP ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) and the TCP/IP ( Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ) communications protocol along with the graphical web browser to back up concern applications and supply departmental, interdepartmental, and companywide communications solutions. “ ( Dyson, Coleman & A ; Gilbert,1997 )We can widen our corporate intranet by set uping connectivity to the Internet. As more and more applications are web enabled or has web front-ends the Internet engineerings can be interconnected to interchange information. So, the focal point is on set uping web-based environment on campus with incorporate cyberspace and intranet installations.


The cardinal thing is the benefit of the intranet for the school and how much will it be.

For this ground a cost benefit analysis should be taken in to consideration. Since the school has some proficient expertness from the staff non much IT specializers and external advisers have to be employed to find the demands of the school. The continuance of the undertaking is related to the cost of it. The cost chiefly includes the execution of hardware and package which includes their proper choice.

It is to be kept in head that the school has limited finance to buy commercial package.The web architecture should be implemented and tested. The execution requires expertise and cognition from staff or external employed people who chiefly works on the physical integrating of the equipment. When the system is built and configured some particular preparation has to be given both to staff and pupils so that they can utilize the new substructure. The preparation should be held by a squad of expertness for proper period unless everybody is familiar with the characteristics and advantages of the web. Possibly the pupil group can be trained foremost with the web who can besides back up the system decision makers in footings of preparation. A support squad can be established or outsourced to keep the web and work out computing machine related jobs.

Keeping all these factors in head the overall cost should be maintained within the budget.Sing the complexness of web care, it is really of import that the cost intensive should non be neglected. For support, patrons have to be searched and convinced to put the undertaking.The estimated cost of the proposed up-gradation for the Scenario is given below. This would stand for an approximative cost budget which includes proficient execution, hardware cost every bit good as package cost.1x Mail & A ; Web Server1x Backup Server1x Student Waiter1x Staff Server6 ten Printer For Lab

Server Specification:

Processor: 1x ( Std.

) ten Series 3.2GHz 533MHz 1024KB L3 Cache XeonMemory: 4GBMaximal Memory: 8GBStorage: 80GB EIDE 7200rpm Hard DriveMaximal Storage: 200GBOptical Drive: DVDROM Drive Internal24X10X ( Variable Speed )Ethernet: Dual Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps EthernetPower: ( 1x ) 411W Power SupplyPeripherals: IBM Keyboard and Mouse

Operating Systems & A ; Package

Merchandise License


Unit Price

Price ( NZ $ )

MS Windows XP170169.0028730MS Office 2003200291.0058200Microsoft Windows Server 2008 ( 5 User )1252.00252SQL Server 2008 ( 5 User )1825.00825


Merchandise License


Unit Price

Price ( NZ $ )

Firewall120.0020ADSL Router184.0084Switch8450.

003600UTP Cable25015.003750Linux distribution1120.00120.00Mail Waiter13562.003562Backup Server13562.

003562Student Waiter13562.003562Staff Server13562.003562Printer65133074Installation H/W & A ; S/[email protected] 60/hr * 100 hour6000Cable Installation2000



Information engineering is a powerful tool which can make a new procedure design. To get the better of the obstructions of the present engineering we need to place the issues involved and define the job and do it an effectual 1.Importance of the staffWe can see the engineering as the 1 that usage alterations of all facets of a concern. So, for the present scenario the staff should be involved in the engineering attempt otherwise the execution might neglect.

Staff preparationWe know that engineering attempts change everyone ‘s occupation doing employees follow new accomplishments in the administration. So, preparation should be provided to the staff to larn new accomplishments.Student preparationThe pupil should be trained every bit good to do the proper usage of the engineering.

Failing to make so might harm the engineering or the procedure. The issue of pupil subject in respect to misapply of internet entree is to be considered.Holistic Thinking of the School activitiesThought of long term deductions of Internet/web for the full school should be taken in to consideration.Security IssuesThe important information is to be kept confidentially like learning stuff or the information about the pupils and should non be accessed by unauthorized people. For this security issues need to be applied to protect corporate information. The information should be protected from the destructive forces like virus. Unauthorized entree to important information every bit good as virus plans can impact the running of whole concern at school. Data security can non be guaranteed but the opportunity of choping the systems and stealing or perverting the informations can be minimised.

So, we need to put on backup waiters to protect the information.Another protection is the installing of firewall. It detects peculiar content of the entrance web pages so as to forestall people from downloading virus plans or improper sites.

Student ‘s unauthorized cyberspace entree can be controlled and blocked by utilizing package based firewall.Funding the Intranet/InternetThe money to be spent in IT undertakings is limited in most instances. For this scenario the attending is drawn to a criterion based solution that is to avoid high disbursals. Since the school has limited budget the connotation is to put money on economical devices, applications and services for its advanced engineering.Care and SupportTo supervise and command the flow of information among workstations every bit good as to keep the system we can present a Helpdesk group from bing staff expertness. These people are responsible for running the intranet and cyberspace without any breaks and any computing machine related issue. On the other manus we can outsource if it comes within the budget.UpgradabilityWhen we design an IT substructure, it is of import to believe about the system ‘s extensibility.

We know engineerings maintain on altering and the school can non afford replacing the bing substructure every twelvemonth. So, there should be some future ascents for hardware and package. Harmonizing to the demand criteria the CNZ Grammar School is traveling to go wholly web-based, extra package based on web front-ends can be integrated. This might supply staff ‘s services that requires alterations or updates frequently.Network Diagram for the proposed scheme


Email Servicess

Email is a method of making ; conveying or hive awaying text based human communications with digital communicating systems. Nowadays e-mail systems are based on a store-and-forward theoretical account in which e-mail waiter systems accept, frontward, or shop messages on behalf of users.To see an appropriate electronic mail service we need to distinguish three distinguishable protocols like SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) , POP3 ( Post Office Protocol ) and IMAP4 ( Internet Message Access Protocol ) . Email waiter uses SMTP protocol for directing mails.

POP3 and IMAP4 are used for having electronic mails.SMTPThe SMTP protocol is used for directing mails from waiters to waiters faithfully and expeditiously. Email application like MS Outlook submits the electronic mail within the web and is transferred to an SMTP Server. If the sphere portion of the electronic mail reference is same as the waiter sphere, it is kept within the web and so forwarded to the mail-in history of the existent client. If non the mail is sent to an appropriate waiter.The sender-SMTP establishes bipartisan transmittal channel to a receiver-SMTP. So, the receiver-SMTP can be the intermediate or can be the ultimate finish. In this mode the message can be relayed through several waiters until it reaches its finish.

So, SMTP waiter should be implemented in the web.POP3POP3, the version 3 of Post Office Protocol allows the user to download electronic mails from waiter to the client. The POP3 client is responsible for look intoing one ‘s mail history, copying messages to local work Stationss. POP3 client package allows the user to make up one’s mind to cancel or non to cancel electronic mail from the waiter after they are retrieved. The advantage of POP3 is that it is easy to implement and more back uping client package is available.IMAP4The Internet Mail Access Protocol Version 4 ( IMAP ) , maps in a different mode from POP3. IMAP4 is complex than POP3, supports mail subfolders on the waiter ( including those shared by multiple users ) and complex hunt questions, and allows electronic mails to be uploaded onto the waiter. Server keeps the electronic mail ; clients merely maintain local transcripts of the mail shop and synchronise them with the waiter.

Advantages of IMAP:

“ A· Can pull strings relentless message position flags.A· Stores messages every bit good as bring them.A· Support for multiple mailbox direction.A· Support for concurrent updates and entree to shared letter boxs.

A· Suitable for accessing non-email informations ; e.g. , Net News, paperss.

A· Besides suited for offline paradigm, for minimal connexion clip and disc usage.A· Online public presentation optimization, particularly over low-speed links. ”( Healy & A ; Barber, 2003 )Accessing letter box utilizing IMAP4 is advantageous over POP3. Hence the school should travel for it.

The Internet Access

The connexion to the cyberspace for the school becomes a important point.

There are many engineerings available with their advantages and disadvantages. We should pick up the right engineering to optimize the tradeoff between monetary value and public presentation. There are engineerings available like dial-ups, overseas telegram connexions, microwave broadcast medium, xDSL, ISDN.

Before we take a connexion from ISP we need to make up one’s mind which connexion is sufficient for our web depending on use, upload and download velocity, download bound, rent per month.We can concentrate on xDSL as ISDN is slow and wireless broadband entree via microwave is excessively expensive.xDSLxDSL refers to all types of endorsers ‘ lines chiefly ADSL and SDSL. There are two types of xDSL engineerings like High-data-rate DSL ( HDSL ) and Very-High DSL ( VDSL ) .DSL/ADSLDSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. Dial-Up connexions which used to utilize modems motivate execution of DSL engineering for transmittal of high electromotive force through port links.

DSL engineering support two web topology like star, coach and larboard links like point-to-point from the local telephone exchange to the endorsers like place, school and concern organisations ( Littman, 2002 ) . ADSL broadband that is most widely used asymmetric DSL engineering was developed in 1994. It supports informations, voice and picture over the local cringle and provides first-class Quality of Service. ADSL engineering employs a brace of transceivers that are located on either side of the cringle ; one terminal of the cringle is the telephone exchange and the other terminal is the subscriber site ( Littman, 2002 ) .Distance bound for ADSL are 1.544 Mbps at 18,000 foot ; 2.048 Mbps at 16,000 foot ; 6.312 Mbps at 12,000 foot and 8.

448 Mbps at 9,000 foot.ADSL and ADSL2+ both use the same engineering to link to the cyberspace through regular phone lines but ADSL2+ is faster than ADSL. Standard ADSL offers download speed up to 8Mbps while ADSL2+ offers download speed up to 20Mbps.

We should choose a routed connexion for school ‘s intent.For the school, I would propose the use of ADSL or ADSL2+ depending on the offers of the DSL supplier and the charged monetary values.

The Servers and databases

To believe about a waiter within the web the inquiry arises whether we should travel for Linux-based waiters or Windows-based waiters. A peculiar waiter platform is selected harmonizing to the peculiar demand of the company. So, an in depth analysis of different characteristics of both the platforms seems to be necessary.

In most instances the monetary value counts a batch. For the present scenario the cost factor is of import because the money is short and the tradeoff between the money spent and public presentation should be optimised.The Linux based waiters are more advantageous than Windows based waiters. Linux is unfastened beginning Software but Windows is non. Open Source Code by and large implies increased security, dependability and functionality.

Systems implemented under Linux can be copied many times without any extra package licensing fees but with Windows we need to pay for each installing, workstation, and server. The Linux is more dependable in the sense that the architecture of Linux is superior to Windows because critical operation system maps are implemented in such a manner that virus ca n’t do the computing machine to go unstable or even clang. Linux has advanced capablenesss like in add-on to system public-service corporation tools from UNIX ; Linux comes with Apache web waiter, an electronic mail waiter, router/firewall capablenesss and SQL databases.

Over all Linux is cheaper than Windows.Due to costs, stableness, public presentation and functionality I would propose Linux based platform for CNZ grammar school.

The web Server

Largely large companies use Linux based web waiter platforms. Apache web waiter is most popular and free web waiter in the universe.

This is unfastened beginning package and can be installed easy. Almost all popular runing systems including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and more can work easy with Apache web waiter.Microsoft Internet Information Server ( IIS ) is designed in such a manner that it can work within the Windows Environment.

It occupies 2nd place from all the top waiters. The characteristics or maps of IIS are near about same with Apache but it is expensive.

Market Share for Top waiters Across All Domains August 1995- March 2010


February 2010


March 2010



Apache112,903,92654.46 %112,747,16654.55 %0.09Microsoft50,928,22624.57 %50,572,54024.47 %-0.

10Google14,315,4646.91 %14,592,1337.06 %0.16nginx13,978,7196.74 %12,673,9626.13 %-0.

61lighttpd1,097,6850.53 %1,657,5840.80 %0.27( Web server study Archives-Netcraft )hypertext transfer protocol: // it seems to be a good solution to utilize Apache as a web waiter. It is economical and has less opportunity of acquiring disused as supported by multiple platforms.

The Mail Server

The ground of taking Sendmail alternatively of Microsoft Exchange is given below:Sendmail Vs Micorsoft ExchangeI ) Sendmail comes free with many versions of Linux where as Microsoft Exchange is non free with Windows. Microsoft Exchange is an add-on merchandise, so adds disbursal for obtaining and implementing.II ) Sendmail offers some easily-customizable server-based Spam filtering options where as Microsoft Exchange does non.III ) Send mail has less possibility of virus onslaught than Microsoft Exchange.

Database Acceptance

As the school already has MS SQL database running on an NT4 platform, we have to believe of whether it is wise traveling to more suited database or see the present system.I would propose upgrading the NT4 waiter running MS SQL. I would urge a new staff database waiter. SQL Server database is recommended as it is a full-featured RDBMS which offers a assortment of administrative tools to ease the loads of database development, care and disposal.

HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATIONThe NetworkThe execution of new engineerings is based on put ining a new100BASE-T Ethernet architecture utilizing the bing constituents every bit good as the new 1s. Here, the peer-to-peer Ethernet will be replaced by 100BASE-T Ethernet which will assist the pupil and staff to portion resources like file sharing and printing. The 100BASE-T Ethernet is IEEE criterion which sends information on unshielded distorted brace telegraphing and guarantees more stableness and velocity. We will modify the web by adding few waiters so that both staff and pupil can entree the intranet separately and portion files and pressman within their group. There will be a dedicated Linux waiter for Email/ web services.

We can command the entree of cyberspace for pupils on campus. There is an bing NT4 waiter for HR application and we will upgrade it to MS SQL Server and run both HR application and Accounting application ( MYOB ) application from the same waiter. We will supply a dedicated Linux waiter for pupil running database application like My SQL and pupil can besides hive away the individual place page and files on that waiter. There will be a dedicated Linux waiter working as backup waiter and proxy waiter. There will be six distribution switches for six labs and one for admin staff which will be connected with the nucleus switch. The switch shall make up one’s mind the routing of informations packages in the web harmonizing to the IP reference.The Outgoing TrafficThe staff waiter and the pupil waiter are in the web, so that they can direct Email within the intranet.

If anyone wants to direct Email to other outside the school web so the mail will be routed straight to the SMTP waiter. If anyone wants to entree the school ‘s home page ( HTML file ) the petition will straight travel to the web waiter.The Incoming TrafficAll the incoming traffics ( IP packages ) coming through nucleus switch are distributed to proper server based on their protocols and IP-addresses. Switch overing belongingss are stored in the switch ‘s routing lists which mean HTTP packages will be passed to the web waiter ; SMTP packages will be passed to the Email waiter.The ClientsWholly there are 225 computing machines which are installed on school campus. There are 200 computing machines in six labs and 25 Personal computers for disposal section. The pupil workstations are Macintosh and PC computing machines running Mac OS 8 and Windows 98 severally.

On the other manus staffs ‘ computing machines are running on Windows XP. To run all the PCs over a web, few up steps are recommended. Windows 98 has to be changed to Windows XP and the processor velocity and memory should be 300 MHz and 128 MB severally.

If up step is non done the file sharing and client-server based application will be slow. At least 1.5 GB of difficult phonograph record is required. This is possible to link both Macintosh and Windows XP clients with Linux waiter and SQL waiter by utilizing TCP/IP.

The ServerHarmonizing to the web architecture four waiters will be equipped. It is recommended that non to run electronic mail, web and file sharing services on one waiter due to security and work load grounds. We will establish our web with four chief waiters due to fiscal limitations. The SMTP waiter and web waiter are running on Linux due to stableness and public presentation ground. Since the waiter works as a HTTP file waiter every bit good, at least 4GB RAM and few difficult thrusts have to be installed.There is a program for dedicated pupil waiter and difficult thrust infinite should be allocated 20 MB for each pupil that means we need one difficult thrust ( more than 30 GB ) for hive awaying file and home pages.In instance of staff waiter there should be extra demand of a difficult thrust and RAM because they need to make a batch of treating for MYOB and HR application.There is a program for back up and proxy waiter.

Back waiter is an first-class manner to salvage the of import files, of import electronic mails and database. Hard thrust of 200 GB is recommended for overall backup.Nowadays difficult thrust is holding immense capacity and really inexpensive in market.Firewall and RouterThere should be a firewall in forepart of the nucleus switch which protects the web from unauthorized entree. It can be a package plan or physical hardware device or combination of both.The connexion to the cyberspace is to be established by utilizing ADSL router. If the budget exceeds we would propose traveling for an ISDN line with maximal capacity of about 128kb/s which would be relatively slower.

Operating System

The present choice is based on cost effectivity, public presentation, dependability and academic intent.

Web waiter & A ; Email waiter: LinuxStudent waiter: LinuxStaff Database waiter: MS Windows 2008 ServerBackup waiter & A ; Proxy waiter: Linux

Runing Applications

Work StationssPersonal computer and Macintosh computing machines will be installed with:Windows XPMicrosoft Office 2003Microsoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft Outlook 2003Microsoft FrontPageHuman resource application for staff ‘s workstationsMYOB accounting application for staff ‘s workstationsAntiviral and filtrating package ( Ministry of Education anti-virus trade for Schools. Schools in New Zealand will have free anti-virus package )WaiterThe undermentioned applications can be used on different waiters:Web waiter: ApacheEmail waiter: Sendmail ( with Linux )Student waiter: My SQLStaff Database waiter: MS SQL Server 2008Back Up & A ; Proxy Server

Other Equipments:

Firewall: LINUX & A ; KERIO WINROUTE FirewallADSL RouterSwitch: 48-Port 10/100 Rackmount SwitchCable: UTP CAT6 Patch Leads 1.5m to 5m length

The Homepage for school

We can see the school as a corporate administration when making the home page for it. It is similar interfaces between clients which maps as presenting of import information to groups. As a corporate web site the school ‘s home page should be filled up with up to day of the month content to reflect professionalism. Keeping home page is dearly-won, so a solution should be made to understate the outgo for its care. Therefore, I would propose for web content direction for speedy update of web sites without existent demand of web coder.The quality of the content for the school can be made up to day of the month if different section of the school can plan their ain web pages to be responsible for the content.

The GUI based applications like MS FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver are suggestible to be used by every sections of the school. Macromedia Dreamweaver supports web engineerings like JavaScript and server site scripting linguistic communications like ASP, PHP etc. Microsoft FrontPage is HTML editor and website disposal tool for the Microsoft Windows line of Operating system.We can construct dynamic web pages utilizing Linux platform, Apache web waiter, MySQL database and Perl6 ( new version ) as the scheduling linguistic communication.

It should be the cheapest investing possible and on the job process is faster and easier. So, to construct up a home page we have to see database, protocols and programming linguistic communications as the dynamic elements. There are many ways to develop dynamic web pages. We would be proposing the of import techniques or tools.

CGI ( Common Gateway Interface )The CGI is a protocol which communicates with web signifiers and server side plan. The CGI plan is written in programming linguistic communications like Perl, C, etc. The CGI plan executes by accepting the input from the user to treat an end product. The CGI book has a sequence like when the HTTP passes the file to an appropriate plan, it processes the file.

The CGI plan outputs the consecutive HTML that the HTTP waiter understands.The HTML file is automatically created when the CGI plan grabs appropriate plan from the database. The CGI books are traditional method of executing few maps like seeking ; server side image map managing nevertheless their common usage is form processing and high entree rate of HTML templet and Perl-script in CGI might overload the waiter. More over other options are now available for interfacing with databases so the inquiry is whether the school should travel for it. There are other options like ASP, PHP, Java Servlets and JSP.

ASP ( Active Server Pages )Active Server Pages ( ASP ) is a scheduling environment for Microsoft ‘s Internet Information Server ( IIS ) . It is used to interface with informations on the waiter to make dynamically generated web pages. It is configured to treat form information as good. Scripting is normally written in Visual Basic.More over the waiter has to run on a Windows based platform with Microsoft ‘s IIS installed.

LINUX waiter does n’t work with ASP, so it is non recommended for the school.PHP ( Postscript Hypertext Processor )PHP is scripting linguistic communication that allows making dynamically generated web pages like ASP. PHP works with a assortment of web waiters but normally used with Apache.

PHP codification is similar to Perl or ASP and can be embedded in to HTML papers. It includes short spots of PHP codification straight in a web page to treat signifier informations or extract database information which is more advantageous over CGI.Unlike Perl no new case opens with multiple entrees on the web sites. So, one waiter is adequate to back up burden equilibrating. Therefore, I would urge utilizing PHP for school for its efficiency, supplying a commercial solution as Linux waiters already provide the user with the installation to implement Perl-scripts and it is free.


Web content methods and engineerings are used for pull offing the content of the web site. Web content direction is defined as an organizational procedure aided by package tools for pull offing the content of the web with its life rhythm that runs from its creative activity to devastation.Pull offing content of an intranet site or cyberspace site is of import and that should be considered by the Management. As intranet purposes at fast flowing of the information, the informations like agenda alterations, day of the months of the test that should be available to the user. So, depending on the type of the information and the user group the dependability and handiness demands can be met. Pressing information should make the finish rapidly.Normally big administrations are using web Masterss, web interior decorators and web coders who do their different occupations. The web coder does the cryptography of the page and the web interior decorator looks after the ocular visual aspect of the pages.

As the school is a medium sized administration we can hold one web maestro instead than more than one like the big administration. Once the web pages are designed, its individuality can be guaranteed in the web site. Then the informations can be sent to the webmaster to vouch truth and security policy. We know web publication is a clip taking procedure as the procedure of look intoing on-line stuff is done before publication. The school ‘s intranet can be provided with a content direction system ( CMS ) .

We know that a CMS provides authoring, routing, updating, publication, disseminating, file awaying and security maps for different types of content. CMS have some tools to manipulate- 1 ) Textual information about merchandises or people. 2 ) Binary files ( sound, picture, plans, images ) . 3 ) Electronic mail with text rich media. 4 ) Structured text in database or unstructured text. 5 ) Numeric information, etc. There are different types of CMS.So, we need to take right CMS for the school.

The Web Content direction is a type of CMS.Issues in web content directionA web site must be with new content and out of day of the month should be removed. So, the administration should promote the content suppliers. Due to increased activity in content coevals many issues can be raised.Constrictions: A web direction map becomes a constriction for its content alteration. Different contents are edited manually which delays web publication.

Consistency: Web redacting in sections can make incompatibilities in the expression of its site and can hold variable quality of layout and content. At the basic degree in instance of school it can lose consistent manner and design.Navigation: If the construction and content are non controlled the pilotage and hunt capablenesss become difficult for the content user.Data duplicate: The content of the web is frequently a transcript of informations held in departmental system, alterations to one system which are manually replicated in the other system. So, informations can non be stored redundantly in the application. If the information demands to be copied the application needs to be controlled.

Content Audit and Control: Unauthorised content can look on the web site. Some controls and procedures need to be defined to pull off web publication.Tracking: To track and retrace the alterations of the content it is of import to cognize the content Godhead, the creative activity day of the month and updating day of the month of the content.( Vidgen, Goodwin & A ; Barnes, 2001 )So, the Web Content Management System ( WCMS ) bundles are aimed at looking after the issues. Generally WCMS is responsible for security of the web content.We can see these issues if the school has adequate budget to command the security.There are free options available but the cost of CMS depends on efficiency of proficient squad and how our specifications are.

It is non obvious that the more we spend the better our on-line presence will be. A site is merely every bit good as its content: CMS is merely the vehicle that gets our content online.


Extra equipments can be considered for future development. The web can be extended with extra back-up waiter or firewall for more security.

The back-up waiter is chiefly used to reconstruct the information from the chief waiter, if in any instance the waiter fails. The advantage of extra firewall is that it can go on operation if the chief firewall fails.