Importance of human element Essay

Importance of human element and social interaction in busy electronic worldWhen you initially begin to communicate, do you reach for your blackberry? Do you look for a keyboard, is that electronic media within arm’s reach for you to communicate?  In today’s era of fast changing, “environment of world processors”, servers and media, is there another alternate mode of communicating and keeping up besides the electronic media world?  Often not, however, since the days of humanity, agreement is initiated by a look into another man’s eyes, with an affirmative handshake; business always comes back to trust, honesty and the human element remain inevitable. As an example of the human element, I have found in memories of my father, a post WWII veteran walking into a bank and sitting down at a desk with my mother whom were on a first name basis with the Bank Manager and obtaining an automobile loan on a hand shack of one quick signature.  I cannot forget one of the many lessons my father taught me, a simple statement that “A man is only as good as his word”, those were the days of the old.Prior to massive credit search, identity theft, “I will text you and blackberry you”, and get back to you. What happened to those days of the human element of interaction, reading body language, sharing knowledge and transferring information?, Interjecting of personal communication, concern for one another’s family or loved ones; the human side of making decisions, sharing and progressing in the business world today. Is this process of human interaction behind us? Have we forgotten the value of the handshake?  The value of opening the door for a female or pulling a chair out, accepting one into their office, allowing someone proper time for one on one interaction.

Allowing someone the time to share managed knowledge we share and interact in the business world today.In every society, the development of spoken or written language as a tool for effective communication has been an important mode of interpersonal relationship. This involves different numbers of people but dyad mode of interpersonal relationship being the most common. In today’s business world dyad, which is also face-face communication is rapidly going into extinction. Technology advancement now increases communication incompetence and the decrease in the inherent ability of the managers and the staff to persuade one another and the clients.

Should we allow this to continue because of the fast growing high tech devices? We should also realize that there is a limitation to what technology can do, to effectively drive the progress of a company.  The Human of fast past business has put us all in hipper drive, to communicate, achieve and to transact.  However, one of the important tools of knowledge management so that of a community of practice.  It is provide the opportunity for people to collaborate, gather, speak openly in a relaxed environment and meet regular to discuss strategy over come events and most importantly share knowledge.

  Community of practice has been around for a while, some had grown to great success some had sweltered in the sunset and died.  However, I asked myself this question, is first hand human element of value on establishing communities of practice in my employment?  To have that interaction, the human element co coworkers meeting not a name not an email address but a face and hand shack and a mile is priceless.Several things came out COP, most importantly the human element, the interaction and connection, as coworkers manipulate their ways through companies they now have an alley, peers a friend and independent to rely on and a coworker to bounce a thought or idea or design against.  Initially a network begins to grow throughout huge corporations, which have become so big and so vast that often face-to-face meetings are a moving towards extinction. Do we work from home to beat the rate race? Do we have a virtual meeting do we utilize an Avatar? , When do we sit down face to face to read a smile, eyes and body language?  Read a smiling eyes, body language, get that impression, get that tone, receive that feeling, be motivated, message and knowledge being shared, understand and leave the meeting with the right impression.

  All these things are unavailing.  The effect and the roles Human Element will forever be in businesses, transactions and forever will be the crucial driving factor of making important crucial decisions in business.Years ago, those in the working class and the business men would gather after their dinner for cognac and cigars and in the process discuss business, women were never allowed or permitted in these social circles.

During the social gathering men tend to communicate, send messages with body language, laugh over some matters and fight over some, knowledge shared collectively, business deals made with a click of a shot glass, smoke of a cigar and taste of fine cognac with the possibility of standing in front of a hearth to conquer the world’s problems. The above situation is where knowledge began to be shared by the above means and some other modes prior to the invention of telephones, television and prior to the use of telegram.Community of practice is one of last known tools in today’s busy environment.  That lets us engage in the human envelope and gives us the freedom to speak. The arena to do so and the time slot that says “come in relax and share knowledge a concern or passion and interact regularly, build off of this plate form nurture it motivate it make it grow to the next level”.Community of practice give the employee the opportunity to tie one program to another – one design to one from one system to another- One business application to one another.

  It leaves that employee most importunately leaving that meeting and interaction with a, very profound feeling of what the message is and what the action items were, what the flavor is and what their role is and to achieve the teams goal.  COP will always offer this.These are key project drivers at any spread fast business arena, the community of practice. Key project drivers are the implementation of a new managers of community of practice at Norththrop Grumman, several things have happened-A.    We realized at a conclusion of formal structural classroom education, we thought we empowered our new managers with the tool and set needed to conquer the world, retain skills sets, motivate employees, achieve our sector and corporate goals while conducting a happy productive work place.

B.      However the learning curve was this; at the conclusion of the structured formal classroom criteria these managers were left naked and alone (if you would) out to face the working world.C.     Vast we brought these groups and industries together in monthly meetings and formed a community of practice for them to collaborate to share issues, sensitive to successful and build that net work.D.

    The lesson learned is an empowering tool that should not be overlooked however be utilized in any business format to keep the network, the list of those chains together and build commodore, peer value and resources.E.     Lessons learned in community of practice in conclusion is this lay out the  structure provide the opportunity gather the members, find the motivation, facilitate the players encourage the human interaction and make that network the human element the link of the chain that never comes detached.In conclusion, the place of human elements and social interaction cannot be overlook.

We can effectively build a thriving business environment in today ever-busy business world by greatly considering the roles of human element, as a tool for effective communication. We must be very careful about the modes of communication because of the words of Karl Kraus (1874-1936) an Austrian writer that says, “It is better not to express what one means than to express what one does not mean”.