Importance of Ism in Marriott Essay

Mission, Goals and Importance of Information System Management – Marriott International Inc. Marriott International is a global hospitality operator, with properties in the US and ninety nine other countries and territories. Its operations include managed and franchised hotels. Marriott operates or franchises nearly 6,000 hotels and resorts under twenty brands such as Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Fair Field Inn, Spring Hill Suits, Residence Inn, Renaissance, Bulvari, Expedition, MVCI, Courtyard etc. The Hotels are located in 100 countries around the world.

It is crucial for Marriott to have the most efficient information management to be able to manage all these properties while maintaining the quality of service they so well strive to maintain and improve. According to V and Mahapatra, “the information system department has served an increasingly important role in many organizations proactively to shape new competitive strategies that improve operational and managerial work processes”. Mission of Marriott’s ISM: Marriott uses its Information System to support the guests and employees.

Guests support is divided into the five different major parts: • Reservation System – customer-relationship management package from Siebel Systems Inc used by Marriott Website and Toll free number. • Front Desk – this is the system they use during check in and checkout – Fosse and Fidelio • Restaurant – this is the system which they use in serving food, retail (gift shop) and services (room service) – Micros as a point of Sale, ChefTec recipe management, food costing and inventory system and Denver-based Culinary Software Services for different recipes. Other services like Spa Treatments – Spa Soft by Springer miller. • House Keeping – This is the system they use for scheduling, inspecting and updating the housekeeping tasks – Guest ware Marriott Employees uses varieties of information technologies to accomplish their daily activities, some of major departments are: • Accounting – BTR, Xcellenet, Merchant Link, • Information Technology (Property System Services) Support the different systems in the hotels – Remote Desktop Connection, PC anywhere, BPA, MI Connection and WebEx. Food and Beverage, Retail etc tracks different sales and promotions – RCSL, Guest Metrics and custom reports and Island Pacific. • Marketing department tracks customer’s information and needs – Oasis, Fidelio, Fosse • Security to all the system in the Marriott Network, employees and guests – Trend Micro Virus scan, surveillance systems and several alert systems. • Communications within employees and between employees and customers – Oasis, Outlook, various Websites and conference softwares. • Human resources activities and management – People Soft and Mosaic

Goals of Marriott’s ISM: • To provide the maximum level of services to the customers by making their service fast and efficient. This will be from the moment the customer is making reservation to checking in, stay in the hotel and checkout. • Marriott realized this will not be accomplished unless you put the same level of the speed and efficiency to the employees who are working in serving these customers. The front end and back end employees have to have the information technology which will make their job easier hence be able to efficiently do their job. Provide the most efficient and updated technological access and devices to guests and make this a standard for all Marriott Hotels and Resorts. Example: Being able to order your room service from the TV in the room, being able to order food in the seating booth by the touch screen available in each sitting booth areas, free WIFI, the go board (This is big screen touch screen computer TV located at the lobby to be able to find directions, weather, news, restaurants, shopping places, attraction places, movie theaters, business locations etc. Importance of Marriott’s ISM: Often systems are tested and implemented in the lodging division before being adopted by the catering and other departments. This is to ensure customers (guests) are being saved with the best technology to beat the competition; Marriott is in the business to keep existing customers and advertise their brands by word of mouth and excellent reputation. Most of the customers are returned guests and referral guests. • To ensure Security on customers and employees information. The company is responsible for customer’s personal and financial information collected during checking etc. Employees have to have the efficient technology to do their job and manage their human resources needs. • Communication channel between all the hotels to ensure proper management and updates. In the article the rise of Health IT Academic focus, Wilson and Tulu mentioned the demand of information system in the healthcare industry has grown from hiring just informatics degree owners to needing of more skillful employees with data warehouses, enterprise systems and web based applications such as websites used by employees and patients etc.

ISM makes things run smoothly and ensure the quality output in business and services to Marriott guests and employees. References: Lai, V. , & Mahapatra, R. (2004). Correlating business process re-engineering with the information systems department. International Journal of Production Research, 42(12), 2357-2382. doi:10. 1080/00207540410001671633 WILSON, E. , & TULU, B. (2010). The Rise of a Health-IT Academic Focus. Communications of the ACM, 53(5), 147-150. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.