Important of forensics for companies that want to develop safe and effective products Essay

Important of forensics for companies that want to develop safe and effective products”Forensics” is a word that is rooted in the Western world’s classical experience. It could be applied in all works of life and so its definitions and usages vary from one occupation to another. For example, there are forensic Psychology, forensic chemistry, forensic science, forensic computing, forensic accounting etc. Broadly speaking, forensic science is the analysis of traces of evidence (such as body fluids, glass fragments, footprints and drugs) left at the scene of a crime by the criminal, victim or others. This evidence may be used subsequently to either implicate or exonerate a person suspected of committing that crime, or just to gain further insight into the incident.

 Over the years, with increasing technological advancement, forensic science has become a key part of criminal investigations worldwide.Meanwhile, just for the context of discussion for companies it could be defined to mean all those forensic sciences that are utilized in the daily activities of a company in other to develop safety and effectiveness.The important of forensics for companies that want to develop safe and effective products cannot be over stretched. The importance cut across all areas of company’s Businesses and development. I can relate its merits also for instance in the areas of accident reconstruction, analysis, re-enactment, simulation Analysis for cognitive, performance, training, biomechanical, anthropometric and other Human Factors Forensics (HFF) issues. It also examines codes, standards, regulations, state-of-the art knowledge, customs, and typical practices that are involved in our modern companies.

To illustrate forensic importance to company’s product safety and effectiveness from last year’s experience, It is pathetic to let you know that hackers are now hijacking thousands of PCs to spy on users, they shake down online company businesses, steal identities and send millions of pieces of spam. If any company actually is thinking of company’s product safety and effectiveness and you think your computer is safe, think again my guy. Early months of last year 2006, an incident happened in the six hours between crashing into bed and rolling out of it, the 21-year-old hacker had broken into nearly 2,000 personal computers around the globe. He slept while software he wrote scoured the Internet for vulnerable computers and infected them with viruses that turned them into slaves.

Now, with the smoke of his day’s first Marlboro curling across theliving room of his parents’ brick rambler, the hacker known online as “0x80” (pronounced X-eighty) plops his wiry frame into a tan, weathered touch, sets his new laptop on the coffee table and punches in a series of commands. At his behest, the commandeered PCs will begin downloading and installing software that will bombard their users withadvertisements for pornographic Web sites. After the installation, 0x80 orders the machines to search the Internet for other potential victims. The young hacker, who has agreed to be interviewed only if he isn’t identified by name or home town, takes a deep drag of his smoke and leans back against the couch to exhale. He smiles. This is his day job, and his work is finished in less than two minutes.

In two weeks, he will receive a 300 heck from one of the online marketing companies that pays him for his services. That is exactly one of the risks that are involved in setting up an online company business hence the need for a forensic approach.That is the reason why Human Factors Forensics (HFF) experts help advice companies about machinery accident, task operations and procedures, skill requirements, type of guarding provided, controls and displays, training and experience, instructions, warnings, reach and muscle force, lighting and visibility, reaction time in other to guard against unforeseen situations.When all these attributes are been considered and carry alone in a company, we begin to see much more appreciations and improved safety and product effectiveness.In Forensic computing, It is possible, with careful work, to determine the various possibilities as to how, who and why, and even have reasonable confidence as to what the truth is, but it is no longer possible to provide any real evidentiary weight to it.  A professional opinion is what should be offered, as opposed to any definitive statement of truth. It is possible to say, with a reasonable level of certainty that a key logging application will have captured credit card and banking details, and passed it to an external controller, but, without corresponding records from the external source, it is difficult to determine what has actually happened.

The evidence on the local system can no longer be fully trusted. Having said all of the above, if a system remains uninfected, only one person used the system, and there is no suggestion of any malicious software that has installed itself from across a network, it then is possible to determine forensically that the evidence obtained is more trustworthy.  This by so ensures safety and improves effectiveness of products.

Lawyers are having a field day sifting through electronic documents in their attempts to unearth evidence of corporate scandals.They’ve had considerable success, as can be seen by the recent corporate black eyes or mailings given to executives at companies like Enron, Arthur Andersen LLP and WorldCom, Inc.In most cases involving corporate fraud or investigations run by government regulators, a company’s vast stores of electronic data have been used as evidence against it. Merrill Lynch in May agreed to pay $100 million in fines after government lawyers found internal e-mails in which research analysts for the Wall Street brokerage house described the same stocks they were recommending to clients as ”junk.

”Despite the recent headlines, few companies appear to have their electronic documents under control. And this is regardless of the fact that within four years there will be 60 billion daily worldwide e-mail messages exchanged, according to Framingham, Mass.-based market research firm International Data Corp.A September 2002 survey by Chicago-based management consulting firm Cohasset Associates Inc. found that 53% of some 500 to 600 organizations surveyed said they don’t include electronic records in their records management program.

The survey also found that 68% are not at all confident or only slightly confident that their organization could successfully demonstrate that its electronic records are accurate, reliable and trustworthy many years after they were created. And 39% of the organizations do not have a formal policy regarding retention practices for e-mail.By these entire one can see that Forensic is very important to any company that really would like to develop safe and effective products, be it Information Technology products, Intellectual products, Factory products, Medical products, Criminal cases and evidences etc utilizing all facet of forensic sciences.I;