Improved Integration of Technology Essay

Technology is a term usually defined as the application of Scientific Knowledge to Practical purposes, In Short applied Science. Before, technology has not being applied in many things, it’s common usage if for “War” in transportation and Communication like making guns, machines, battle ship, jet plane, trucks, radio and other things that is useful in war. And today we can see different product of technology such as gadgets, appliances, machines and other techniques that science has been applied.

At home, market place, office or working place, hospital or even in the school. Technology makes our lifestyle comfortable and it makes the work easier at shorter time. Technology is also use by the present generation by learning and by teaching; the educator integrates technology in their lesson plan, and according to Robin Williams “The lesson plans that integrate technology will provide students the experience of controlling their own learning.

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The use of technology to enhance lessons to meet diverse learning has become more prominent in schools each year”. The Integration of technology into the lesson plan makes a faster learning for the student and easier way of teaching for the teachers, because the student can learn by their own. Objectives •To know the importance of “integration of technology into lesson plan”. •To explain the effects of Integration of Technology into Lesson Plan to the teachers and students. To determine the effectiveness of the Integration of Technology into Lesson Plan. •To assess the knowledge of the teachers in Integration of Technology in their Lesson Plan. •To compare the effectiveness of Integration of technology in to Lesson plan to traditional way of teaching. Importance •To inform the teachers and the students about the value or importance of the Integration of Technology into Lesson Plan. •Making the teachers and student aware on how the Integration of Technology into Lesson Plan affect the way they teach and learn.

Body of the Research The present generation is now learning and teaching with integration of technology, in this study we gather the view of the target person, the student and the teachers, about the integration of technology by using a questionnaire and asking them about the topic. We go to selected school, elementary, secondary level and tertiary level. Every student in different level and with different courses and teachers has their own view about the Integration of Technology into lesson Plan.

According to the answers of the participant of this research the Integration of Technology in the Lesson Plan of the teacher can make the learning of the student faster and easier through the gadgets that their teachers use in teaching, only few had a view that the Integration of Technology is not applicable always because according to them some of the student are abusing the use of technology and not even using it in proper way, and the some of the teachers are not aware or known to some of the gadget because they are more knowledgeable in traditional way of teaching.

Through this study we are informed that the integration of technology into Lesson plan is more effective than the traditional way, And many of the students can learned by their own through technology with the guidance of their instructor or teachers, it also makes the way of teaching easier.