In According to Robert Connors “inhumane perfectionist

In chapter one of “Lies My Teacher Told Me”, they celebrate the fact that those we consider heroes work, in reality they were not really “heroes”.

Textbooks made it seem like they gave us all the information they “heroes” did, but did not mention the flaws they had. They also left out major accomplishments one did by not giving them the credit they deserved in the text. With that being said, the stuff we learn in class through textbooks is not the full story of ones achievements and downfalls. The Phenomenology of Error-Joseph M. Williams mentions his confusion towards other peoples error of grammar. One main lesson in this article is that the author Joseph M. Williams compares linguistics errors with social errors.

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Many great tips the author provided us with was different types of rules and picture examples in the text. These tips about violating any type of rule can be useful when writing or talking about a topic. A Learning Secret- The main point about this article was that writing notes by hand had more advantages than taking notes with a laptop. Students who did their notes on the computer had more notes. This is true because people type faster than they can write.

Studies show that people who are writing down their notes, have a better understanding of the topic they’re learning about. The ones who choose to type their notes on their laptop, are not getting a full understanding of what they are learning.TSIS Ch. 9-When writing a paper, we should have our own voice.

 Nowadays teachers want us to write proper English. Why write something if we cannot even talk how we normally do when we’re having a talk with someone face to face. According to Robert Connors “inhumane perfectionist standards, making our students feel stupid, wrong, trivial, misunderstood”. When writing a paper it should be allowed to use slangs, because that is our voice and how we talk in everyday life.