In Denmark. In 1066, Normans invaded England from

 In Britain there are many different accents, some of them being Scottish and Welsh and Irish. Moreover, the language is united, but in a difference in dialect such as the word and these things. There are several regions in England that different in the dialect from north to south and for us the difficulty in the pronunciation like the British more than the British accent. The German accent is close to the British accent and there are words from the two languages ??that are similar in words, but the pronunciation is different.  Every country in the world has its own language, but the United of Kingdom knows its English accent that may seem unique and sometimes strange.  History In the middle of the 5th century, the tribes of the English, Saxon and Jute tribes began to migrate from their original lands in the northern European plains between the present north of Germany and the Netherlands to the island of Britain, filling the geopolitical vacuum that had been dissolved by the Romans’ sudden decision to withdraw. The island was inhabited by them to the west and north, while they settled in the south. The integration of the cultural components of the expatriate tribes emerged from ancient English, which was also influenced by another language, the old Norwegian. The Phoenician language, which colonized most of the eastern coast of the island in the eighth century, was influenced by Denmark. In 1066, Normans invaded England from Normandy on the French coast. The Norman ruling class spoke an ancient French dialect influenced by Norwegian. Their language for hundreds of years was modern and the language of administration and law in England. When English came back to speak in the Middle Ages, it gained much of the ingredients of Latin languages ??through Norman and French, and became far from its Germanic origins than was Anglo Saxon.  The British accent is important nowadays in our life. English is a Germanic language that originated in England. Is the third most widely spoken mother tongue in the world 402 million according to the 2002 census. In addition, to its great spread in the world due to the military, economic, cultural, scientific and political influences of the British Empire and then the United States of America. The most important its spread outside the British Isles began with the growth of the British Empire, and by the late nineteenth century its spread was truly global. After British colonization, the British Empire was the first international language to be spoken. In North America, the dominant language in the United States, whose economic and cultural growth has been the influence and status of global superpowers since World War II, has become the major reason why it has become the fastest language in the world. 

According to the Oxford
English Dictionary “British
English is the English
Language as spoken and written in the United Kingdom”.

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According to Stuart (2009) Different countries in the
world change the post of communication by speaking English. There have
been a couple of attempts to give sneak peaks of British English. Robinson says
that in the region of 1898 and 1905, the Oxford instructor of close philology,
Joseph Wright, changed a six-volume English Dialect Dictionary, at first at his
own particular cost. “He sent piles of examiners out around the country
and the result was a calfskin headed legitimate manual for dialects in the UK.
Clearly, it was generally about nineteenth century use, be that as it may it
was wonderful.” This molded the model for later lexicographical hands on
work errands, for instance, the Leeds Survey of Regional English.


  Tolkien (1955) adds Britons population was in the current time insolated group from the Celtic mainland, the occupation of romans rubbished them. The welsh, Cornish, Cambridge accent gathering live together and the nearby English in the evolved generation, but the causes of the German accent effect on the English accent in clearly. Moreover, the rate of effect still got struggle, in the late time it claims the effect language to present the raise of generous progress observed the English language and other of the dialect east Germany.



to Mastin (2012) He pass through the British accent by words in using different
accents. There was a focus for 5 different languages worth mentioning, there
was almost five hundred of approaches for previewing the words all those was in
the fifth century. The cause of Anglo Saxon was from the official concrete, the
intelligence and conceptual come from the English language and it contains the
Latin and France effect the swine same as Schwerin Germanic is a human being in
the cloned field before the Anglo Saxon owned the pork same as the porc of
France is creature by eating up of the table with the Normans involving.


This writer also says


real divisions are ordinarily named English or English as spoken in England,
which includes Southern English tongues, West Country vernaculars, East and
West Midlands English lingos and Northern English lingos, Ulster English in
Northern Ireland, Welsh English not to be mistaken for the Welsh dialect, and
Scottish English not to be mistaken for the Scots dialect”.


 John) 2003) adds The English
dialect film started in the university of Leeds in 2011, they give them a
chance for previewing their own country languages.