In any content or format of media

In the rapidly changing global
environment, Media set the level of innovation and creation. Before you get
bored of any content or format of media you will be amazed by brand new type of
media. With the help of new technologies and freedom of people to show their
creativity media is changing day by day. With society moving into the
electronic age, more people are communicating in cyberspace not only to access
more information, but also to create a reality of their own. Using media now
depends on the comfort of the audience. That’s why media giants choose their
medium and content wisely to match the access and the expectation of the
audiences. The new popular addition of entertainment for this sub-continent by
new media is Web Series. With the emergence of online streaming services
including the likes of Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime, millenials witnessed
a major shift in the entertainment business realm. Even in Bangladesh audience
have streaming channels like BioscopeBeta and popular YouTube channels like CMV
and Dhruba for their entertainment. 


A web series is designed like a
television series. But a series of episodes which can be watched on the web. The term “Web” potentially refers to
two things. How content is
consumed. Where the content originated.
If the audience watching a video on his/her computer, iPad, or
mobile phone and connected to the web there’s a god chance it’s a web series.
but not necessarily. You can download a feature on the web and watch it on your
iPad. Web series is a number of related scripted
or non-scripted videos arranged or occurring in succession,
generally in episodic
released on the Internet
and part of the web television
medium. A single instance of a web series program can be called an episode or
however the latter term is not often used. In general, A web series is simply
just a series of video
episodes that is released over time in order to tell a
story. Sometimes creators use popular video sharing platforms like YouTube
or Vimeo to host their shows so that they attract as many
viewers as possible. Web series can be watched on a range of platforms,
including desktop,
and smartphones.
They can also be watched on television.


The main difference between TV series
and web series is a TV series usually requires big production costs, celebrity
TV stars, and large media companies, a web series doesn’t have to have all that
stuff. As long as you have a camera and a creative idea for a show, anyone can
create their own show for the web. Some web series shows are created by total
amateurs but creative young peoples who require little cost for equipment and
support. TV episodes
are mandated due to advertising and range from either 22-30 minutes or 44-60
minutes depending on the advertising needs of the network or cable station. The
web has no restriction because there’s no reason to constrict what is possible
at this point. A few years ago, some important suit-wearing executive at some
important company decided that attentions span of laptop viewers should be
around 3-15 minutes per episode. Sometimes web series originate on the web and
later that same material is repurposed as a feature or as episodes of a TV
series and sometimes it’s the other way around.


Web Series first
emerged in the late 1990s and become more prominent in the early 2000s. In
April 1995, Rox, a small public access program from Bloomington, Indiana, became the first TV
series distributed via the web, with an episode titled “Global Village
Idiots”(Stelter : 2013). Later the same year, New York advertising
creative Scott Zakarin persuaded his employers Fattal
and Collins to finance an online television drama along the lines of the
contemporary television drama Melrose Place.
The Spot
became the first episodic fiction website, the first web soap opera.
Fattal and Collins asked their Vice President, Sheri Herman, to obtain venture
capital to finance it, because it was draining the resources of this
boutique agency. In January 1999, Showtime licensed the animated sci-fi web
series WhirlGirl,
making it the first independently produced web series licensed by a national
television network. A month later, the series, created by David B. Williams and
produced by his Visionary Media studio, premiered on Showtime in a first-ever
simultaneous web/telecast.1 In
2000,The Raven started Daytona Beach Live. The
station showed video about life, events, and attractions in the Daytona Beach
area for up to 17,000 viewers (Cheng:2009). As broadband bandwidth began to
increase in speed and availability, delivering high quality video over the
Internet became a reality. Web Central TV, YouTube,
and Daily Motion
launched their services to deliver original video. Shows such as Rocket boom
appeared and post-dot-com-bust video networks such as ManiaTV!,
iSTATION TV and the Ripe Digital Entertainment networks
launched. In 2003, The Spot executive producer and head writer Stewart St. John revived
the brand for online audiences with a new cast, and created a separate mobile
series to air on Sprint PCS Vision-enabled phones (Park :2004). In
mid-2006, several independent Web series began to achieve popularity, most
notably lonelygirl15 (created by Miles Beckett, Mesh
Flinders and Greg Goodfried),Soup
of the Day (Zakarin and Rob Cesternino), California Heaven
(St. John and Todd Fisher), “The Burg”
(Dinosaur Diorama) and SamHas7Friends
Fantastic). These series were distributed independently, often using online
video portals YouTube
and Revver. All
series acquired audiences in the millions, led by lonelygirl15s
over 100 million views during its 26-month run. The series was so successful
that it secured a sponsorship deal with Neutrogena.
Soup of the Day was later re-crafted and
edited as a feature-length film, making it the first web series distributed on
disc by distribution company Echo Bridge Entertainment. SamHas7Friends
was nominated for an Emmy and temporarily removed from the Internet
when it was acquired by Michael Eisner. March 2006 also saw the debut of Goodnight
Burbank (created and (Hayden Black) as a “webisodic” series. The
original series was named one of iTunes best podcasts of 2006. Also hitting the
scene during the summer towards the end of the year was Feed
Me Bubbe which ended up showcasing that even a Grandmother and Grandson can
achieve internet celebrity status. Fortuna TV Channel is
the first web TV in Turkey (Lieberman:2007) In 2007, Beckett and Goodfried
followed up their lonelygirl15 success with Kate Modern,
a series which debuted on social network Bebo, and took place in
the same fictional universe as lonelygirl15.
Big Fantastic
created and produced Prom Queen, which was financed and
distributed by Michael Eisner’s nascent online studio Vuguru,
and debuted on My Space.
These web serials highlighted interactivity with the audience in addition to the
narrative on relatively low budgets (Shields:2007). Established creators also
started producing high profile original web series in 2008. Joss Wheldon
created, produced and self-financed. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
starring Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia
Day.  Big
Fantastic wrote and produced Foreign
Body, a mystery web series that served as a prequel to Robin Cook’s
novel of the same name. Beckett and Good fried founded a new Internet studio,
EQAL, and produced a spin-off from ‘”lonelygirl15″
entitled “LG15: The
Resistance”. Dedicated
media coverage of the web television space debuted with organizations such as GigaOm’s NewTeeVee and Tube filter News. Mainstream press also began converted. In
the UK, Kate Modern ended its run on Bebo. That site
also hosted a six-month-long reality/travel show, The Gap Year, produced by Endemol UK, who also made Kirill, a drama for MSN (Brand:2009).
Australia emerged separate market for online series. Most notable was the
series the MySpace Road Tour produced by Fremantle
Media Australia. The first series, which ran from July to October 2008 drew
the MySpace audience and the show received positive press. During MipCom in
October 2008 MySpace
announced plans for a second series and indicated that it was in talks with
cable network Foxtel
to distribute series 1 on network television. Additionally MySpace spoke of
their plans to produce versions of the MySpace
Road Tour in other countries (Apostolou: 2008).  In 2009, Sony’s online division, Crackle,
became one of the few companies who figured out a business model for the Web
series. They did this by treating their Web series like an independent film.
First they would fund a low-budget genre movie and structure the script so that
it can air online in 10-minute segments. Later they edited the series into a 2-hour
DVD. They sold ads against the first online airing of the content, they made
money from DVD sales and rentals, finally, they sold both the internet version
and DVD to international markets. In 2009, Sony’s online division, Crackle,
became one of the few companies who figured out a business model for the Web
series. They did this by treating their Web series like an independent film. First,
they would fund a low-budget genre movie and structure the script so that it
can air online in 10-minute segments. Later they edited the series into a 2-hour
DVD. They sold ads against the first online airing of the content, they made
money from DVD sales and rentals, and finally, they sold both the internet
version and DVD to international markets. So far, 2010 has seen more expansion,
more production and further monetizing of original Web series. Larger brands
are showing up to the table looking to invest in their own Web series. They’re
realizing that for a fraction of a traditional media buy, brands get to be much
more involved in a new media production. An annual festival and awards
presentation dedicated exclusively to digital series. The festival just
completed its 6th annual event in 2017, and always occurs during  April in Hollywood, California. Holly Web was the
first digital content exclusive festival in Hollywood (Payne:2017).


A number of web series incorporate
interactive Web 2.0 features on their
producer’s websites, the show website, or other online fora. These Web 2.0
features enable viewers and fans to post comments online about episodes and
link or “tag” favorite shows, episodes or video clips. These
activities help to build viewer and fan engagement. Some producers use social
media and social networking websites to market their web series and seek new
viewers. As well, some producers monitor social media and networking comments
as a way to obtain fan feedback on their shows.


First emerged in the end of 2016, web
series became more prominent In Bangladesh in 2017. The year 2017 can be marked
as a momentous for significant rise both in the quality and quantity off web
series. Web series like Feluda,
Baghbondi, List, Admission Test, palabi kothay, Illegal Affairs get instant
popularity among young generation. In 2016 Web Series Kali had a great Impact on the audience because it’s content and
making. The concept of superhero series has quite a grip on the global
entertainment scene in both big and small screen. Now they have conquered the streaming-based
services like Netflix. Both the content and the format were somewhat
unchartered territory in Bangladesh, but the sudden types of audience liked
that. But 2017 was by far most promising year for wed series in this country (Rayhan:2017).


new adaptation of famous Satyajit Ray character, Detective Feluda was the most
talked about web series of 2017. Popular actor Parambrata Chatterjee from
Kolkata has played the role of famous Feluda, while Riddhi Sen will be seen as
Topse. Kandy Productions and TOM Creations have received the rights to work on
Feluda from Satyajit Ray’s son, Sandeep Ray. The first season of the series
featured four episodes and the rest of the episodes will be made later in
phases. The four stories that the episodes were based on are Sheyal Debota
Rahasya, Ghurghutiyar Ghatona, Golokdham Rahasya, and Gangtokey Gondogol. One
of the hyped thriller web series of 2017 was Baghbondi.  This Dhruba
Entertainment production have grabbed audience’s attention and brought exposure
to the whole team, more importantly the series’ director Vicky Zahed. Safa
Kabir has also kept the audience at the edge of their seats along with Baghbondi’s two other leads, Jovan and
Tawsif. Featuring a bunch of popular Actors, Palabi Kothay was another successful web venture of the year
including Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya, Tamim Mridha, Marzuk Russell, Shamim Hasan
Sarker, Max Rahman, Joynal Jack and Sarah Farhana, among others. Written and
directed by AK Porag and Vasker Dey Jony, Palabi
Kothay was released under the label of CMV. Masud Ul Hasan was the
executive producer of the series. Another CMV venture on the list, the series
features an almost similar cast including Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya, Farhan
Ahmed Jovan, Tamim Mridha, Zaki Ahmad Zarif Abdullah, Sultana Rina, Tutul
Chowdhury, Azizur Rahman Azad, Mahmuda Akter Nisha, Pronab Ghosh Nafiz, Nazmul
Anisur Rahman, and Razib Abu Hosen Fahim. Scripted and directed by Topu Khan, Admission Test also managed to attract
audience with its adult storyline and has been widely criticised for the same
reason. However, the five-episode web series has received wide YouTube view. The
series List consists of seven
episodes which was Directed by RB Pritam. Popular TV artists, Tousif and Tamim
Mridha, were also starred in the series. Aside from Naila, film actor Toma
Mirza also played a role in. The
engaging story has successfully made the audience anticipate for upcoming
episodes and eventually turned out to be a crowd-cheering production. Another
web series Illegal Affairs features Jui Jannat, Kaberi, Mokbul, Shuvo, Kader,
Noor and Ayan in different roles. The web series was released under CD Choice
Music banner. Directed by Anwar Hossain, the web series revolves around the
lives of a newly married couple, Neela and Sagor, who go through a down and out
condition. Meanwhile, Neela encounters Ranjan, a pimp by profession, who
actually targets her and tries to draw her into prostitution.


of the web series contains issues and stories related to young generation, as
the medium of the contents are friendlier for them. For this reason, the
contents were more seductive and controversial. The contents were made for
easily draw the attention of the audience. Issues like psychopath or mentally
ill peoples mind games, prostitutions, extramarital affairs, killing, sex got
importance then the main storyline. Web series are easy to relies any content
as they don’t have any censor issues. For this reason, makes of web series can
add any thing to their stories to draw the attention. But series like kali, faluda and List had chosen the way of unique concept and making for make a
good impression. The benefit of making a web series is maker can prorate
his/her imagination without any boundaries of censorship. So sensitive issues
like sexual education, LGBD rights, realistic problems of young generation, new
formation of relationships in metro life, overgrowing frustration and
depression in human life can be focus in web series.


“The medium is
the message” (Marshall :1964) is a
phrase by Marshall McLuhan means Medium embeds itself in any Massage it would
transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium
influences how the message is perceived. We can see the similarities of web
series contents with this phrase. As web media is free to show creativity of
content the nature of the shows become more open and bold then the other
mediums. As a promising media web series has great potentialities of extend the
types of stories and apply new and advance ways of making using current world
reality contents.