In best neo-classical and neo-baroque architectural styles.

the late half of the 19th Century, Pasha Ismail (Khedive of Egypt from
1830-1895) was invited to “Exposition Universelle” that was organized by
Haussmann in 1867, that provided Ismail with a comprehensive model for the
transformation and beautification of the city to change the urban fabric of
Cairo based on the model of Paris

and Haussmann kept in contact and developed a friendship. Haussmann’s influence
on the Pasha was immense, and led him to reconsider the urban planning of Cairo
on such a scale that has not been seen in Egypt since its execution. The
outcome of this Exposition extends further to the initiation of projects such
as the Suez Canal and the Egyptian rail system.

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creation of the vision for a new Cairo was complex urban fabric exhibited in
the streets of old Cairo (known as ‘Downtown Cairo’) would be a struggle to achieve
at such a large scale as had been realized in Paris. Therefore the khedive decided
to emphasis on the Western part of the city.

Ali Mubarak was assigned the task to
transform cairo into the paris of the nile. The New street plans were
drawn and buildings were built in the best neo-classical and neo-baroque
architectural styles. The Khedivial Sector was an architectural masterpiece, it
was open museum presenting all the European architectural styles, competing
with the most beautiful cities in the world. It was also a lively multicultural
hub known as the “Paris of the East”.