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In today’s workplace, human resource management faces an array of new challenges each and everyday. From keeping up with laws and regulations, and having limited resources, to companies who have decided they no longer need a human resources department. These are just a few of the obstacles human resource management face in the workplace.
Regulations and laws are ever-changing in our legislative environment. Whether it be at the local, state, or federal level, it is the responsibility of human resources to confirm that the business is in compliance with every regulation to avoid expensive fines and penalties. Over the course of the next decade, human resource professionals could face thousands of new laws and regulations to keep up with. This challenge will be never-ending for HR, as there are new laws put into place everyday that affect employees and businesses alike.
Working for a company or organization with limited resources may be another challenge for human resource professionals to deal with. Not having enough funding and having limited resources will hinder human resources ability to offer substantial compensation and benefit packages that attract new employees, and will affect their ability to retain employees who deserve promotions or raises. As a human resource manager, it’s also their responsibility to be innovative thinkers; they will need to brainstorm new ideas and how to do more for their employees with less resources.
Lastly, there has been a trend among some companies that believe there is no need for a human resource department at all. It’s their belief that managers have a more vested interest in their employees than an HR professional in a separate department and that HR departments hinder creativity and slows down businesses with policies and processes they find ineffectual. Also, the growing human resource software business makes it easy for companies to outsource human resource functions such as payroll or benefit packages. Companies need to realize the value of having a human resources department that can make sure the company is ahead of competition and abiding by all laws and regulations. If their managers don’t know where to find quality employees, they are left behind in the search for new talent; if they don’t fully comprehend new laws put in place, they can open themselves up to lawsuits. Human resource departments are crucial to a company’s sustainable competitive advantage.
In conclusion, human resource management will face more than just a few challenges within the workplace. Changing laws, having resources and funding, and competing with new software are just a glimpse into the obstacles HR personnel deal with day to day, and in the coming years.