In certainly want to be from China.

            In the first millenium BCE, some specific societies developed new opinion for living a better conditions and developed new political ideas and cultural ideas. These ‘second generation’ societies made a new innovations and they never thought like the older societies. If I had lived between 1000-350 BCE, then I certainly want to be from  China. Because of the fact that, there are many differences between China and our culture. Also, they have a different types of social stratification, caste system or gender rules. I wonder how does it worked in China.

             I prefer to lived in China as I said. Now, I am explaining why I want to lived in China in the first millenium BCE. Firstly, China had many advantages in that time. The most important advantages of China was the thinkers and their ideas that were looking for answers to the problems of society and wars. They always tried to find the best for the welfare and order of the people. The solutions that these people have found have been passed on the future generations. The most significant philosophical way of thinking that China was Confucianism. What is the Confucianism and who found it? It founded by Confucius. It was very efficient on people and it can be influence on people easily. Confucianism is a complex system of moral, social, political and philosophical thought that influenced the culture and history of East Asia. Confucianism declares that all human nature is essentially perfect and good. The most important things to Confucius were peace and order. I think, this two things are the most important for humanity. In addition to this, Confucianism emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. The belief that human being are teachable, improvable and perfectable through personal. I think this way of thinking is wonderful because it cares most about humanity and people and it believes in them. Confucius saw division and war as rival states, he wished to restore order by promoting education, moral behavior and performance of ritual. If I lived in China in the first millenium BCE, I certainly believed Confucianism. It keeps human and human relations superior to everything and puts them at the center of life. In this case, it makes different and more meaningful than other ways of thinking. It is important that Confucianism values humans and their relationships as I said. Thanks to them, it was very influentral that the wars could end and the conflicts could end. Confucianism has influenced the values of the Chinese people’s thinking, religion and cultural values and has been very influential on people’s ideas and ways of living. Confucius’s vision is that society develop a moral community. He always wanted to it. Central to Confucianism is that the moral harmony of the individual is straight related to community harmony, what one does, affects the other. To elaborate more on this, bad political decisions can lead to natural disasters like floods. I think this thought is approaching spiritually, not materialistic. Also, Confucianism is humanism, the belief that humans are teachable, improvable through personal and society effort especially including self-cultivation and self-creation. If I lived at that time I could have been the advocate of Confucianism and I wanted to listen Confucius and his notions.

           All in all, if I had a choice , I would definetly lived in China in the first millenium BCE. I want to understand the Confucianism in detail. I want to see how people live in society and what they think about war and their solutions with Confucianism.