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In many dystopian novels, the way governments keep control over its people is through a combination of manipulation and fear. In The Maze Runner a government organization named WICKED controls what happens within the glade using spies called beetle blades. In the book 1984, there is the ever-present threat of the Thought Police, which the main character Winston describes in the opening chapter. The thought police can watch citizens all of the time and see into their minds. The beetle blades in The Maze Runner are similar to the children spies in 1984 because they are both used to monitor the civilians of both the glade and Oceania. This (illustrates) shows that in both societies, the government controls citizens through manipulation using the citizens information against them.Big Brother utilizes media to make the citizens of Oceania believe the lies the media feeds them. The citizens can not research the problems themselves to find out what is actually going on , nor do they know how the control of script and media will affect their world. In 1984 people believed that whatever Big Brother said was true even if the information was inaccurate or outrageous. Two plus two equals four, yet all of the brainwashed Party-worshippers believed the Party when they said that it equaled five despite no evidence to prove that as an accurate statement In The Maze Runner, memory is a source of neverending frustration and mystery. They can remember simple memories like the beach and summertime, but they don’t know why they have those memories. All they can really remember is their names, but that turns out to be wrong too. A Swipe is a chip which was out into each person before the trials begin. The chips are inserted by WICKED, a government organization that stands for: World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department. It wipes their memory so that WICKED can control the subject’s actions. Because of this, WICKED is responsible for Gally throwing a knife at Thomas, and Chuck jumping in the way of the knife. They also provide Thomas and Teresa, access to the telepathy network, which allows them to communicate telepathically. People are assigned to jobs in both 1984 and the Maze Runner. In 1984, the people in the society are given jobs by the government. Winston was appointed to be a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. His job is to rewrite historical documents so they match the constantly changing events that occur. It is how the Party keeps control, and prevents people from learning about the past. Once appointed to a job, it is impossible to change your career, unless special circumstances are in order again defined by the government. In The Maze Runner, each boy is required to complete a new specific job type each day.