In this complex topic, knowledge of what happened

In order to gain a full perception of this complex topic, knowledge of what happened from the time of the singularity to modern society and what contributed to man and nature coexisting in harmony is needed. At the beginning of time our home, planet Earth, was a sustainable, well assembled and systematic machine whose fundamentals enabled a strict cycle to be continuously followed; repeating it to no end. There was nothing that yet existed which had the potential to interfere or cause ramifications in this constant cycle; there was a sense of harmony. 
Time began at the very moment “The Big Bang” occurred and not just changed the world, but changed the way in functioned. The term “Big Bang”  is derived from the Germanic term “Urknall” which loosely translates in English to the “primordial bang,” which is what gave our universe a beginning.
Prior to The Big Bang(which occurred approximately 13.7 billion years ago) the whole universe existed only as a singularity. Extensive research of The Big Bang Theory states that all matter existed in a form smaller than that of a subatomic particle – i.e protons, electrons, neutrons, etc. 
Once gaining this piece of information many people begin to think and ponder the question “What existed before the big bang, before the singularity that foamed our universe as we know it today?”
There have been answers to this question, some more probable than other. A fourth century theologian St. Augustine believed that “time was part of Gods creation and there was simply no ‘before’ that a deity could call home.” 
Albert Einstein obtained a very similar theory, however he went on a bit of a different pathway too St. Augustine. Einstein considered effect of mass on time and said that “a planets mass warps time, making the difference much too small to be comprehended.” He used the analogy that “time runs slower for someone standing next to a large boulder than it does for a person standing alone in the field.” Einstein came to the conclusion that the “pre-big bang singularity” possessed all the mass in the universe, bringing time to a what he called “a standstill.” 
However, Einstein’s theory of relativity defied that logic meaning the correct answer to the question was still left as an unsolved mystery waiting to be unraveled.
The more achievable question which is “What is The Big Bang Theory and how did it cause the expansion of our universe?” has already been answered in explicit detail as a result of tireless effort of many scientist and unmeasurable time put working to find the correct answer.
We now know that the theory of The Big Bang explains the expansion of Earth starting from the very beginning of time where the only existence in our universe was on singularity. Singularities aren’t yet definitively defined by scientist to this day but are thought  to exist at the very core of “black holes”, which are certain areas of extreme and intense gravitation pressure which due to evidence and scientific data is believed to be able to compact “finite matter’ into infinite density. These extreme zones of infinite density are called “singularities” which therefore are able to contain all mass and space-time in this very universe, until quantum vacuum fluctuation (“temporary change in the amount of energy in a certain point in space”) caused the rapid expansion and inflation of this singularity which over time formed the Universe we now live in today – this is part of the “Planck epoch”, which was the earliest known era of time(prior to when all the time that passed was equal to the Planck time – unit of time needed for light to travel in a vacuum of a distance of “1 Planck length”, equivalent to approximately 5.39 × 10 ?44 s). Due to a singularity, our Earth begun as something that was infinite in size, temperature, density, and basically any other factors or term the human mind can think of. As mentioned before quantum vacuum fluctuation initiated the expansion and inflation of this very singularity, but also causing it to go from extremely small and hot to the size and temperature it is today. However the Earth is still expanding to this day and will continue to do so until the end of time. While wildlife goes around meeting their daily needs, while the ecosystem providers stability to this Earth, and while humans go through the their day to day routine the Earth and this universe continues to expand throughout the cosmos. All life is living under the roof of a macrocosm which began as a minuscule singularity that was of such a small size it was thought to be infinitesimal that appeared out of absolutely no where at the moment of “Big Bang” for reasons that to this day are still in the unknown. 
The singularity is responsible for so many things, including life. Around four billion years go the Earth was still quite young, the air was of such a poor quality that it was unfit to breathe, the sun was shining down with extreme heat, violent and dangerous storms were flashing out; especially on the coastal areas, volcanoes were dumping burning hot lava into the oceans just as if it was nuclear waste. By some complicated unknown reason all these natural sources fused into a simple molecule which then transitioned into more complex ones. Amino acid was the formed, which after interacting with one another formed a primitive protein. Once again for an unknown reason all the right molecules came together to form and create the first living cell, which is known as the great ancestor to all living forms on earth. From this cell all other forms of life were created and then evolved.
The first living cell developed into an organism similar to that of an amoeba (a one celled organism possessing no definite structure for shape), as well as other primitive creatures which possessed the capabilities to survive in the ocean. After millions of years passed from this point, these creatures eventually evolved into fish. Some of these fish developed lungs which therefore allowed them to breathe and survive outside of water. As more time passed these creatures gradually gained further developments and made their way into land as the first amphibians. Which then evolved into reptiles which resulted in the earth being populated by dinosaurs. Not all of three reptiles were the same though, some developed legs in order to move around better and became the first mammals, whereas others gained wings and became birds.
One of the earliest mammals was called a tree shrew. They were not much larger than a squirrel and lived in trees and slowly evolved into primitive monkeys and other apelike creatures who then went down two different pathways. The first was transitioning into apes such as the gorilla, gibbon, orang-utan and chimpanzee. The second pathway was evolving into a creature who came down from the trees, stood up and walked upright, and sadly brought great destruction to this earth. They evolved into the creature known as man.
Before man existed the world was peaceful and the environment was clean which allowed the Earth to be healthy. But due to humans gradually over time gaining a lack of common sense, greed for money and lack of consideration to the effect their decisions have, they poisoned the Earth and caused havoc all over and left generations to come with the most difficult challenge the human race has had to face yet.