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In unit 4 we analysed population patterns and learned more about how populations work. A main topic within this was carrying capacity. Carrying capacity is the number of people, other living organisms, or crops that a region can support without environmental destruction. This is very important when considering that one day too our earth will meet its carrying capacity and then we will be in real trouble. There are many things that add to the earth’s carrying capacity and many things that are detrimental to our planets survival. If people continue to burn fossil fuels and cut down trees and refuse to replant, our earth carrying capacity overshoot will come closer and closer.  We are going to be in a tough spot when the earth finally meets its carrying capacity point because people have nowhere else to go but earth. Let us hope that by the time that it comes humans will have someplace to go besides earth. The Lorax is a simple movie with a motivational message, it teaches young children at an early age about the reality of the world. The Onceler chops down the first Truffula tree Because he sees the potential in the resource, he sees the soft and fluffy nature of the leaves and the  way he could make a lot of money. He wants to start a business to live up to his family’s expectations of him. If we look deeper however we can see that once he chopped down the first tree and sold the first thneed he couldn’t stop. The reason that he couldn’t stop is that he had to keep up the demand or else his entire company would crumble. The reason that the Onceler isn’t a Twocler or a threecler is that he only had this one resource and once that ran out there was nothing to keep his company supported. The economy of the world will crash also because of the Onceler’s fateful oversight. Now considering both the Carrying Capacity and The Lorax we can see how the two are similar. When the world of the Lorax reached its own carrying capacity, you can see what happened to the onceler’s company. What the Onceler should have been worrying about (besides the Lorax) was that when the carrying capacity was met there would be nowhere else to go or no more trees left to make Thneeds. In our society, the Thneed represents the things that you need. This is very telling of how our ability to endlessly consume will ultimately be our downfall.  If you rewatch the movie, when there are no more Truffula trees all of the animals have to leave to find new homes. Finally, the last line that the Lorax says shows that we can make a difference and take some weight off our earth. “Unless someone cares a whole awful lot…  It’s not going to get better, it’s not.” -The Lorax