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In the New York Times article “Trump’s Threat to Democracy”, author Charles W. Lee writes an informative story about the fate of America’s democracy and how it is being hindered by Donald Trump’s administrations. Lee describes the four warning signs that a political leader might have that can lead to a dangerous authoritarian democracy. He also explains that Donald Trump has been proved to be unhinged and also possess all of the four warning signs that can dismantle a democracy. The article proceeds to describe the importance of a democracy and how it is the best form of government for any nation. He warns the readers of Donald Trump’s immense interest with authoritarian leaders and how his ideology on certain aspects of life can dismantle America’s democracy. He ends his story with a declaration that extreme measures need to be taken in order to save our important democracy. In the New York Times article “Trump’s Threat to Democracy” Levitsky and Ziblatt analyses the credibility of Donald Trump’s early administration by showcasing his inability to act on his commands. They describe Trump’s intense fascination with his opponents, such as Hillary Clinton, and they feel he devotes most of his time critiquing them and insulting them instead of doing something productive, and meaningful with his presidency. They also describe Donald Trump’s immense interest with authoritarian figures such as Vladimir Putin and how this hinders his image. Democracy is a complex system that allows citizens to equally vote for laws, bills and important legislatures that impact societies. Although democracy is the foundation of the United States government, there are threats to modern democracy that can hinder the government system. One of the biggest threats is an authoritarian figure that can be voted into the presidency by the citizens. According to the article, another threat is “That democracies re more likely to wither at the hands of insiders who initially gain power through elections.” This can be true with the election of Donald Trump. The importance of voting is to allow citizens to take part in their government and to enable their voices to be heard. The importance if building coalitions is to structure strong relationships with other countries in order to work together with other organizations and to develop strategies. that makes sense for everyone. The importance of strengthening democratic institutions is to provide people with a strong legal system, affordable healthcare, , welfare systems, national audit organisations and anti-corruption mechanisms. The article explains that “Extraordinary measures are sometimes necessary to defend democracy.” This is very true because protecting democracy will enable law and order to remain intact.