In on his way Jim says Huck

In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, people and the society often disagree with one another.  Huckleberry Finn is very indecisive throughout the book and relies on others such as the country, his family, and his surroundings to make moral decisions during his adventures.  From the beginning to the end Huck Finn struggles with the existence of different forms of education, racism and slavery, and civilized life.At the beginning of the book Huck is living with two women Miss Watson and Widow Douglas.  The two ladies have taught Huck some life skills and are trying to make him a better person.  They have taught him to read and write, as well as the morals of going to church and how important religion is.  Huck would rather live on his own with no money and be able to go out and smoke whenever and wherever he wants.  Huck does not want to become an educated boy, he wants to live on the edge and make decisions based on his gut without society interfering.Racism and slavery are a very prominent aspect of the book.  Huck finds himself in many difficult situations with slavery and does not know whether to do right thing or trust his gut and let things go.  Huck was raised by a drunk and abusive father, Pap, who did not teach Huck to do the right thing when he was young, so Huck has to do whatever he thinks is right.  When Huck fakes his own death and escapes St. Petersburg he fleas to Jackson’s Island.  While on Jackson’s Island he finds Jim and is very excited to see him and find someone he knows to be with and feel safe.  Jim wants to continue down the Mississippi River with Huck, but Huck is unsure if he should turn Jim in as a runaway slave or let Jim go with him.As Jim and Huck’s journey gets longer and longer and they go further south, Huck contemplates doing the right thing and turning Jim in.  Huck finally decides to tell two men on the river Jim is a runaway slave.  While on his way Jim says Huck has become one of his best friends, Huck tells the two men a lie.  Something inside of Huck is telling him not to betray Jim, Huck has started to care for Jim, treating him like a human being and a father figure.  Many different times throughout the book Huck calls Jim a good man showing that he does not want to play into society, he wants to be his own person.  Huck choosing to be his own person shows he is following his morals and becoming a more mature and caring person.At the end of the book, after Jim is a free man, Aunt Sally Phelps wants to bring Huck in and give him a “civilized life.”  She wants Huck to become more educated, dress nicer, talk more intelligently, treat people better, and just become a better all around boy.  Huck would rather live a life with no structure, so he decides to leave and move west to explore the Indian territory in the Oklahoma area.  No matter if Huck is a civilized young man, or an adventurous boy he would struggle with his beliefs due to his upbringing and new teachings. Society will always be in Huck’s way because he wants to be like everyone else but does not really fit in since he has been taught so many different things.  Huck has figured out he does not want to be educated, he wants to learn things as he goes and follow his conscience.  Staying with Jim taught Huck to understand slavery and racism a little bit more.  Finally, Huck does not want to be civilized he wants to live a free, adventurous, and enjoyable life on his own.  Society and individuals do not always get along and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a great example of life when society and beliefs work against each other.