In blog readers. So, it’s up to you


In today’s article, I am going to give you an instant demo in shape of video tutorial which includes some simple steps to remove wrinkles. Photoshop provides us plenty of spectacular methods to fix wrinkles on face. The tools which I am using for this purpose are patch and healing brush both of these tools are fantastic for this purpose.

I have shared two different methods for my blog readers. So, it’s up to you if you want to permanently remove wrinkles or reduce them as per the requirement of your subject.

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My little advice for you is that whenever you want to fix similar issue always retain the demand for your image. Means if you are retouching the younger as well as aged face the criteria is quite different in both of these cases.

What is Wrinkles?

Well, wrinkles are the lines which appear on your face with the passage of time. When you are above 30 this process is started spontaneously. Indeed it’s an aging factor but there are certainly other reasons which help them to speed up this procedure.

Deficiency of water in the body, dryness of skin, sudden weight loss due to illness, Smoking, an elongated involvement of water, Alcohol and too much sun exposure are the main causes.

Well, there is numerous beauty and medical treatments are available in shape of Plastic surgery, face creams, tonics and injections for anti-aging. People spent thousands of dollars to slow down the progression process.


Step 1

Open an image in Photoshop and duplicate the background layer. Activate Patch tool by using the toolbar. Now select the wrinkle which you want to fix earlier and move that selection to the fine skin area. With this quick technique, you can easily deal with this problem smartly.

Step 2

Do not select the larger area when you are using patch tool. If you want more accuracy in your final result small selections work well in this situation.


Step 3

A couple of times you are needed to repeat the above steps this is an excellent trick to remove wrinkles.


Step 4

Now I am using another great trick for this purpose which is also handy. So, create a new blank layer, active Healing Brush Tool. Press Alt key on your keyboard to select the fine skin tone and lightly brush on the wrinkles as shown in the video.


Step 5

Don’t forget to set the properties setting of healing brush. Sample: Current & Below >> Mode: Normal Hardness: 100 % and the brush size which I am using are 19 Pixels. But you can set them as the image demands.


Step 6

No further setting is required from your end. All you have to do is choose the fine skin tone by pressing Alt key and slightly paint on the facial points where you want to remove wrinkles. The more time and effort you put in face retouching the more quality result you get.

Step 7

Choose the bad skin and replace it with fine skin repeat the same action couple of time to complete this task. As you can see there is a mark difference between the previous and the new changes on our subject.

Step 8

Follow the exact steps on neck wrinkles when your all work is done Press Ctrl + E to merge the blank layer. If you don’t want to remove wrinkles permanently, Try Opacity feature to reduce wrinkles which looks natural as compare to permanently remove