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In the 1900’s many things were different than they are now. The way we got our food, the
population , and the land farmers owned. Everything was less , not many farmers had much
cattle and machines, not as much money , and not as much land. The population in the 1900’s
was 75,994,266 , the number of farms were 5,740,000. The average acres that farmers could
own was 147, the farm populations was 29,414,000.
Since things were like this back then farmers didn’t have as much livestock because they did
have machines to help them get what they needed from the animals. They couldn’t plant as
much crops and maintain them because they also had to worry about the livestock.
The population in Texas in the 1900’s was 3,055,000 , rice farming had been introduced to
Texas in the 1880’s around the costal plains. Farmers produced 9 million bushels annually by
1910. Texans transferred from Europe , Asia , and Africa. Crops native to North America was
corn , beans , squash , and vegetables like tomatoes , potatoes , YAMS , and chili peppers.
The main animals were cattle , horses , and hogs. The way agriculture changed from the
1900’s to now is a very big change. Since Texas is one of the biggest states in the USA many
more land is owned now then back then. More crops could be planted and more cattle can be
held. Since the population in Texas grew rapidly more food had to be grown faster , and plants
had to be planted and harvest faster also. This effected agriculture because farmers had to
work harder to get food to markets , and had to worry about many things at once. It also
changed farming by all the new machines that were being created. Like the tractor, steel
plow , and the cotton gin this made farming very easy then the way it was in the 1900’s.
The difference of agriculture in 1900’s to 2017 in the USA is a big change. A common farmer
had to hand pick their crops or they had a tractor. The life of many farmers have gotten easier
thanks to the machines that were made. We can now farm many crops like vegetables and
fruits like cucumbers , carrots , and green beans.
The population in the USA in the 1900’s was 76,212,168 , now its 7.6 billion. This made a really
huge change because a lot more people live and need food. But the machines that were made
can handle the job. A lot of crops has/had to be grown for all the markets to get food for
everyone. By the population increasing farmers had to buy bigger fields, or livestock , and
more seeds to plant crops. The farming practices change more and more over time because of
all the machines that are getting invented. More advanced tractors and machines are getting
built. More and more farmers are buy more land and more technology.
The population in the world in the 1900’s was 1.6 billion , which is 6 billion less than today.
That means still a lot of crops were being harvested , and livestock was being handled. The
population from the world in the 1900’s to the world now is a very major impact , because 6
billion people were added in almost 20 years. This made farmers have to get more land , plant
faster and more if they needed to maintain a good life. If the population did grow farmers
wouldn’t have as much money as they do now , they also wouldn’t have the machines they do
now. Many crops that are planted now are still fruits and vegetables like , carrots , corn , green
beans , apples , bananas , and watermelons. Many of the tractors do all the work for the
farmers so the farmers can focus on other things they can do to get money. Big inventions now
are like the driveless tractor , the railcar , and the milking machine. Those do most of the work
so farmers can plan out more to do. Since the farms are getting bigger and the world keeps
growing farmers have to rely on machines to help them make money. If more people are added
to the world farmers are going to have to pay more for land , pay more for machines , and
more for cattle. They are also gonna have to worry about all the weather thats going to come ,
because if a bad storm comes some of the livestock will go missing and that means less
money will be made.
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