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In the modern world of technological advancement, we all have raised the awareness that our environment is very necessary for our healthy existence on the earth which is considered as the only planet suitable for life existence in whole universe. Pollution has become a serious environmental issue affecting the lives on earth, thus creates lots of problem and many challenges. All types of pollution are undoubtedly afecting the whole environment and ecosystem such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. Nevertheless, many of us are not well aware of the noise, light and radiation pollution even we do not know how they are creating problem and polluting the earth. The rate of pollution is increasing in trend due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, population overgrowth and also selfishness of the human being.

Noise pollution is one of the problem we are currently facing. We tend to underestimate this problem because it is not possible to see, smell or even touch it. As there is growing number of vehicles on the road, noice from heavy machinery in industries, contruction area and loud music produced from loud speakers, the excessive cacophony in the environment has negative effects on the environment and people. It affects the physiological and psychological health of an individual who is exposed to the excessive sound. The affect in psychological may cause annoyance which results on blood pressure variation and ultimately leading to coronary heart disease.

Researchers show that there is increasing numbers of cases of hearing problems and hearing loss due to prolong exposures in noise pollution. The noise pollution also affect the live of animals such as whales have broken down the navigation system among themselves due to the noises created by ships. Legislation can be one of the most effective ways to reduce noise pollution. Agency has started to regulate the noise level from contruction sites, industrial and also for vehicles using a set of permissible noise limit. The government encourages citizens to use public transportation system and consequently reduces the number of vehicles on the road to reduce noise emmision.

            Still we have time to gather together our efforts in saving the earth, environment and the life. As the saying goes, precaution is better than cure. Let us hands on hands together by creating and conserve the world for better future.