In and your name, but on Snapchat you

            In brief, there are similarities and
differences between the two enemies, Instagram and Snapchat. I,
personally, prefer Snapchat because Instagram copied Snapchat’s filters,
messaging system and camera. The main
difference between the two is that in Instagram you have an account on which
you can add a profile photo, bio, website and your name, but on Snapchat you
have only a profile “video” and your username.


In contrast, Snapchat has “snaps” that you
can only take from the “snapchat camera” on the app. You can take only photographs
and videos, then add different filters such as the location you are in, the time,
the date and much more. These are the filter you can use for the back camera,
there is more on the front camera. You can choose filters for your face. The
most popular ones are the “dog-filter” and “flower-crown”. Videos can be
changed by adding filters as well. For example, slow-motion, time-lapse and different
sound settings may be used. Text may be added on anything as well. In addition,
Snapchat regularly updates its filters due to the different events happening
throughout the world. This make Snapchat a universal media, everyone all over
the world can use it without being discriminated from where they are and their
nationality. For posting, you can post “snaps”, which is the same “snap” as I
mentioned before. The coolest thing
about Snapchat is that you can check who saw your post. However, Instagram doesn’t
have that feature. Furthermore, Snapchat has combined with Bitmoji, which made
Snapchat users meet Bitmoji.

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            To begin with, Instagram has “direct
message” as its messaging system. The photographs and videos are completely a
copy from Snapchat. You can send a photograph or video in two ways; either “allow
replay” or “view once”. The messages, on the other hand, can be “unsent”. But
the person who you sent it to may already save it by taking a screenshot of the
chat. Instagram has its own way of posting. Everyone has an account where you
can see all of the posts of that person, unless he or she deletes or archives
it. You can post photographs, videos, boomerangs and multiple photos at one
time. Moreover, People can like and comment on your posts.


social networks are very widely used types of media. Instagram and Snapchat are
apps that almost everybody has on their phone or computer. Some people argue
that Instagram is better than Snapchat, while other think the other way. The properties
I’m going to go over are their messaging systems, way of posting and their special
features. In this essay, I’m going
to compare the two media for all their positive and negative features.