In Lee Younger Junior, Lena Younger (

 In the play “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry is about a poor African American family named the Younger, they live in a poor one bedroom apartment and they also shared one bathroom with their neighborhood in the Southside of Chicago. In the play A Raisin in the Sun the Younger family were trying so hard to get out of poverty. The three characters that are in the play are Walter Lee Younger Junior, Lena Younger ( ” Mama”), and Ruth Younger this are three characters I’m going to talk about in this drama essay.       The play “A raisin in the Sun” the first character in the play is Walter Lee Younger Junior is a 35 year protagonist who can’t provide or stand up to be the man of his family and for them to leave in well development place.Walter is that type man who suffers so hard to take away the poverty from his family and who always try to figure out new, and better ways to secure its economic prosperity.  Walter Lee work as chauffeur in a liquor store and who drinks a lots of alcohol he wants to share his father life insurance that his dad left behind for his mother to open a liquor store when he get home one day and ask his mother if she has received the check so when his mother yes Walter was very excited because he knows that his dream of opening a new liquor store of his own. But in the play his mother told if he give him all of the 10,000 dollars that he won’t invest it in something reasonable so therefore his mother his went and bought a house where they all can live then she gave rest of the money which is 65, 000 dollars for him and Beneatha and for Beneatha to complete her school and become a doctor that she always want to become. All the problems and obstacle this him and his family’s are facing is really making Walter go insane because Walter at some point in the play told his family that money can solve all of their problems and when he is also in charge of the money all their worries will finally come to and end.Walter always fights and and always argues with his mother, his wife Ruth, and his sister Beneatha. Walter never listens to his family to actually understand what his family are trying to tell him to his family concerns and to know how help them. In the play Walter finally came to acknowledge that the more he tries to take his family from poverty the more they will still be in poverty and when he started listening to his mother and his wife Ruth talking about buying a new house and move into a big new house. Walter finally listens to what his family were telling him about getting a house where they all can live happily without sharing anything like bathroom with their neighbor. At the end of the play the way Walter change is when he truly  becomes the man his family always wants to become and that he stoods up to Mr. Lindner by telling him that he is not going to accept the money that Mr. Linder the ” welcoming committee” is going to offer to them not to move to Clybourne Park where all the white people lives.      The second character in the play ” A Raisin in the Sun” is Lena Younger (“mama”) wife of Walter Lee Sr,  Beneatha and Walter mother, Ruth mother-in- law and Grandmother to Travis who is in her late fifties if I should guess she is a very religious, moral and maternal , tradition and the matriarch of the Younger family. In the play mama put rules for everyone that all the of her family members should been always respecting themselves and to take pride in their dreams. In the play  ” A Raisin in the Sun” Mama is a very well strict mother to her family when it came to her passing rules to her family member on how they should always keep their apartment that they all live in to be always clean at all time. Mama acknowledged that striving to succeed will always maintain her distance she also rejects the progressive of Beneatha’s and the thing disappoint her is when Ruth told her about how she wanted to go do abortion of her second baby just because they are very poor. I first measured that Mama was very strict and traditional right, well she was also strict on Walter Lee just because he told her that he want to invest the money in opening a liquor store so mama didn’t play along with Walter Lee Junior type of business that he wants to do. In the play ” A Raisin in the Sun” mama dreams to buy a new big house that has a garden where she can plant her flowers and a playground for Travis where he can get more comfortably play. In the play mama told Walter Lee Junior that all she wanted is to be there for her family and also gave them the care they all need. The play mama show Walter he loves him so much as her son by giving him the balance of the life insurance money that her husband Walter Lee Sr left behind after his death. In the play mama shows Ruth so much love when Walter Lee was always ignoring her and not showing her love. The play “A Raisin in the Sun” mama has so much love for her only grandson Travis even wishing that their new big house that they are going move into could have a very big back yard where her grandson Travis will be always play in.The play mama always protecting her plant or should I say her flower from being fading because it is very important to her.