In have somehow different thought of engineering. Design

In a society some people have funny thoughts of engineering, design and
likewise other fields. Some people say you are engineer come closer and fix
this machine, electricity or any kind of combination. I cannot bear to this
situation because of meaning of engineering is so large that you think out of
what society plan you will do. This do not make sense, nevertheless young
people have somehow different thought of engineering. Design Engineering and
Industrial Design are looks similar but we will look at them from different
aspects. There are some reviews of articles about these

Marc Newson on How Design Is Easy ? and Why You Can’t Make a
Cappuccino on a Plane?

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Mark Newson describes
himself as a “gun for hire” because of his clients are around the world which
all works at well-known companies as Nike,Ford and EADS.His design capabilities
can not count by fingers,he designs glasswares,shoes,champagne
magnums,restaurants,cars , even jets and he applies his own styles to spaceship
which named “biomorship” to achieve organic forms through high tech materials.

His most recent invent was chips for luggages,
designed for airline companies. These chips (RFID) give chance passengers to
track their bags and luggages,via chips they can find location of their bags. “I find myself scratching my head, thinking, ‘You
know, that wasn’t that hard, was it? I wonder why you couldn’t have done it
by yourselves”1,designer must have designer thinking ,to invent, change
,improve are have to in their mind and all time they have to look around to
find a problem and solve it as well. As a designer you have to see “This is just crying out to be done!” 1,created RFID
,instead of casual leather label people are happier with these chips.The best
way working for someone or any corporation is to follow the way which takes you
into original sources .The answer of question (why you cannot make a cappuccino
on airplane?) is the price of machine ,it costs several hundred more expensive
than the original price in Wal-Mart.The price of cappuccino machine  is 2000$ at maximum ,on airplane it costs
20000$ because of altitude and some other stupid reasons.

How to
Design a Product for a Successful Launch to the Marketplace

Brent Wenghaus thinks that for successful launch of new product
to marketplace we have things have to be careful are quality,cost,performance
and delivery time.Design for excellenge or DfX will decrease cost,increase
quality and will decrease manufacturing life circle  and will increase reliability and customer
satisfaction as well.Critical point is to establishing requirements(product features and benefits, performance
expectations, target cost, physical dimensions, and attributes) . Sales, marketing, manufacturing, and engineering teams are works to
establish requirements from inputs2.

Front end qualifications

For ensuring customer satisfaction manufacturer company have to check the
quality functionability of products before takes it in marketplace and this
known as FMEA
(failure mode and effects analysis)2.Verification
testing, integration testing, and field testings are the last stage of check
list for ensuring the product functions well and do not have problems with
design.Once the product released the company have to audit for manufaturing
process to make sure guidelines are followed and identify mistakes of
production then improving these areas.Improvement have to be ongoing process in
successful companies
Here are two approaches to Design Engineering in first case study we see that
successful designer have to have designer thinking,this enables a man to see
environment as a mechanism.Successful market share is explained by Brent
Werghaus who is Technical Program Manager & Mechanical Engineering Manager.Design
Engineering is interrelated with
engineering,design,management,science,technology,abstract thinking,material
science and so on .As Marc Newson says
why not “DIY” ,there is not difficult or hard work .The difficult one is to
understand the  situation and to do
preventing actions and direction.Creative thinking is a way you discover  something



2.Brent Venghaus, Winegard Technical
Program Manager & Mechanical Engineering Manager