In discord; made up.” I t is human

     In today’s society, the seemingly
unrealistic standards of beauty projected by the media are suffocating not only
adults but more so young adult females. Beauty for many years has been an unattainable ideal
which according to Naomi Wolf “, is like the tales of Aphrodite, the judgment
of Paris and the apple of discord; made up.” I t is human nature to
desire beauty and as such the media has fed off of this yearning in order to
create fortune companies. “Beauty
is a convenient fiction used by multibillion- dollar industries that create
images of beauty and peddle them as opium for the female masses,” stated Naomi
Wolf which is a sad reality .The image of more slender and long legged
women of Caucasian background has dominated the main stream media and is
paraded throughout the world. This portrayal of females often results in disorders,
body modification and dependency of makeup for many individuals whom seek to appear
‘more beautiful.’

the years, there has been an increase in pressure on cultures in terms of
beauty standards due to the western media influence. Therefore, not only are
inhabitants of the western world striving to attain a certain look but also the
entire world. For many, disorders are developed during the race for beauty. Studies have shown that roughly
30% of Japanese women are underweight this is according to Dr. Tetsuya Ando of
the National Institute of mental health. In more extreme cases anorexia nervosa
is developed which is defined as loss of appetite and aversion to food due to
emotional disturbance as stated by the Chambers dictionary. One such instance
is the doubling of cases
of anorexia in India as reported by psychiatrists Rajesh Sagar. Other
disorders which women are likely to encounter are depression, insecurity,
misery and dissatisfaction with their bodies.

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     Additionally, on the quest to attain ideal beauty many females pursue
body modification. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there has been an increased in
cosmetic procedures amounting to 2% from two thousand and fourteen to two
thousand and fifteen. It is estimated that two thousand and sixteen will have
roughly 15.9 million invasive and non invasive cosmetic procedures.
Another form of body modification that has been on the rise mainly in the African
community is skin bleaching.”Beauty
is a $160 billion a year global industry. The worldwide pursuit of body
improvement has become a new religion” according to Zed Nelson writer Love Me.
There has also been the introduction of waist training, in that females seek to
achieve a smaller waist line.

the media’s portrayal of makeup associated with females has created the
illusion that women appear more attractive when wearing makeup. A study conducted by Nancy
Etocoff a psychologist and author of Survival of the prettiest concluded
that a mass majority of people found that women seen wearing makeup appeared more
physically appealing, trust worthy, knowledgeable  and responsible. In another instance, women
wearing makeup are generally judged as being healthier and more confident.

conclusion, the harsh reality for women is that the beauty standard that they
are held to will always be there 
progressing as time progresses. “like it or not, we are judged, and judge, by appearance.
Perhaps we are obsessed with the way our own bodies look because we know how
instinctively judgemental we are of the bodies we look at,” according to
photographer Zed Nelson.