In militaryservice by lifting the Pentagon’s ban

In June of 2016, Barack Obama’s governmentremoved one of the final barriers to militaryservice by lifting the Pentagon’s ban ontransgender people serving openly in the armedforces. However, almost a full year later, under thepresidency of Donald Trump, he announced on hisTwitter page that transgender individuals wouldno longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. Military,effectively reinstating the ban.President Trump says allowing transgender people to serve in the military would bring”disruption” that could stand in the way of the “decisive and overwhelming victory” ourarmed forces must strive for. Evidently, he doesn’t think transgender Americans soldiers arecapable or worthy of defending our nation. But he’s wrong. So many patriotic transgenderAmericans put their lives on the line every single day, to protect our country. We’ve beendoing that since the 18th century.I would know. I am one.My name is Lt. Col. Peter Davis, and I have served for the past 13 years in the U.S. Navy, butPresident Trump’s transgender military ban is threatening to end my career and destroyeverything I’ve ever worked for.Before the Obama administration’s repeal on the transgender ban, I had been hiding in themidst of all the normal cadets, filled with self – loathing and the constant feeling of why couldn’tI be good enough. The overhanging transgender ban loomed over my head, and I was tornbetween embracing who I truly was and living in self – denial, pretending that my feelings werewrong. And then the day came when the Department of Defense rescinded the ban ontransgender service, allowing openly transgender people to serve. I no longer faced a terriblechoice. I could serve my country and be true to myself.But the day that I saw the explosive tweets from Trump invalidating my lifelong career brokemy heart and my dreams. The ban, Trump claimed, would be reinstated. All my work, and my13 years of faithful service, would come to nothing.As humans, we are inclined to be more afraid ofsomething we don’t know or have neverunderstood. It’s all the more hard to fear or hatesomeone or ideas when you know the storiesbehind them. Maybe someday the president willlisten to the stories of all the brave women andmen, like me, who are proud to serve this countryand defend it with our lives. In any part of themilitary, whether you belong to the Army, MarineCorps or the Air Force, the most important thingby far is to get the job done, and do it well.Being able to do what is required of youin any of these jobs depends on aperson’s ability and character. Anindividual’s gender identity has no effecton those things. I, along with all my fellowtransgender service members all arededicated to serve this country, andnever has our gender identity changedhow well we protect our nation. It’s ashame Trump doesn’t realize that.