In a diversity in the medicine can create

In the United States, health and healthcare disparities remain two of the great challenges that need to be tackled. The reality is that these disparities are present due to the lack of diversity within the medical field. However, one major step towards decreasing poor health care and health outcome among the underrepresented population is through the creation of a diverse medical workforce. Over the years substantial research has proven that the public benefits from an increase of underrepresented minority (URM) physicians. In fact, URM  physicians are more likely to serve the minority, poor and Medicaid populations. Evidently, these URM physicians have a greater understanding of the challenges faced by those in such situation and ultimately develop a serious drive aimed at making the necessary changes that will benefit those in these circumstances. A diverse workforce in medicine is the first step towards cultural competence. In order to adequately treat people of all populations, a physician must be willing and able to emphasize,  relate, and identify with patients from across cultures, on a professional and personal level. Physicians who identify as URM are more likely to understand patients with similar situations and can probably present a more impactful solution to their issues. In fact, research has shown that patients from underrepresented minorities are more likely to follow the medical recommendation from physicians who look like them. Similarly, increasing the diversity of those entering the medical workforce will encourage more students from URM to apply to medical school. These medical students from diverse backgrounds enter the workforce with the intentions to improves health care for the traditionally underserved sectors of the population, like the elderly, those who live in rural areas, and those apart of minority groups. Moreover, a diversity in the medicine can create space for culturally based ideas and perspectives that lead to the discovery of new innovations within the medical field.