In Morpheous reveals to Neo that in

In the film The Matrix (1999), a man named Thomas Anderson is leading a double life. By day, he is a computer programmer. By night, he is a hacker that goes by the name of Neo. Police go after Neo when he is contacted by the notorious hacker Morpheous.

 Morpheous reveals to Neo that in reality, the world is a wasteland that has been taken over by a race of machines that feed off of humans and imprison their minds in “The Matrix”, which is an artificial reality. Neo joins the battle against the machines. Overall, the film is well done. The film is entertaining and action-packed. One unique feature is “bullet time”. This is when is the action within a shot unfolds in slow-motion while the camera’s viewpoint appears to move through the scene at normal speed.

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 It creates a distinctive viewing experience for viewers such as in the scene where Neo is dodging bullets or learning karate. In 1999, “bullet time” was new technology developed specifically for the film. This film is appealing to analyze because of its technological feats, such as “bullet time” as well as the theme of humans and technology (and the potential consequences of our reliance on it). ANALYTICAL METHODOne analytical method that could be chosen to analyze this film would be sociological. Sociological criticism looks at how the human experience portrayed in the media reflects and comments on larger society. In the film, intelligent machines have waged war against the humans that created them. This points to the fact that the directors are trying to send a message about artificial intelligence and society’s reliance on technology.

 It would be interesting what the message they are conveying is and how they are conveying it. RESEARCH QUESTIONS1) How is technology portrayed in the film? What message is the director trying to convey about technology?2) How does the film portray the battle between good versus evil? Neo is a hero but also a hacker, what does this say about the director’s opinions about morality?