In can see targets from 25 miles

In January
10 2012 EFF filed suit against FAA seeking information about drone flights
within US borders.

FAA is the
only federal government agency that can authorized drone flight, and for long
time now it hasn’t released information who can fly drone within US borders.

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Americans don’t
know to much about drone use, even that US military has used them in various missions
around the world for more then 15 years. The first use of drones in military
was in 1995 in Boston and it was the predator drone. Also in Iraq and Afghanistan
war they were used for surveillance in mission.

But now drones
are being used also for non-military purpose raising significant privacy
concerns. In 2011 US Costume and Border Protections purchase its ninth drone to
patrol borders. Also, local policy has been using drones to catch drug dealers,
find lost persons also even to record traffic violations.

are highly advanced technologies, they can carry equipment’s like video camera,
infra-red camera, radar, heat sensor, also some new drones carry super high-resolution
camera and can track people from altitude above 20,000 feet and can see targets
from 25 miles away. Predator drones that are used mostly in military can also
intercept text messages and phone calls also crack WI-FI networks.

on their size and how high they can fly, drones can operate undetected in urban
areas allowing government spy on Americans. Even if they know that they are
being spy is unclear what laws would protect against this. Also, Supreme Court
has stated that Fourth Amendment law don’t apply when its not a human that is
doing the research.

Drones that
can fly over 400 feet needs a certification from the FAA, part of DOT, but
there is no information available for the public that who has obtained these
authorizations and for what purpose. In April EFF filed a freedom of Information’s
Act for records of drones, but DOT hasn’t provided info so far.

give their operators ability to gather information about movements and activities
of Americans. -said EFF Staff Attorney Jennifer Lynch                                                                                                                       As
government begin to make policy decision about drones, the public need to know
more how and why these drones are being use to surveil them.

will increase the physical tracking of citizens, tracking them will violate
their privacy. Said Lynch. This is why EFF is asking DOT to response to their
request so citizens can learn more who is flying drones and why.