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In 2004, I had to drop out from school as our financial condition did not permit me to study further but I always wanted to study and hence in 2006 once again, I restarted my studies. I knew if I have to take my family out of lifelong financial struggles education was the only way out. This motivated me to put my heart and sole into my studies and helped me excel in my academics and remain in top 10% of the class.During four years of my college education while excelling at my acads, I led many groups and team within our college. In the final year of my college, I was elected as Head Placement coordinator. Working as a placement coordinator, I worked as a liaising agent between companies and students. These experiences helped me hone my teamwork and leadership skills.After my college, I joined National Aluminium Company Limited. While working in powerplant, I have led my team and given many innovative solutions to our long standing problem such as excess fuel consumption during operations. The solution helped us save € 51,000 approximately. For my work the company awarded me “SARJANA”, an award of excellence.My innovative solutions gave me the recognition within organization which led to a promotion. After promotion, I got the opportunity to lead an entire section and here I learnt many new aspects of business such as budgeting, contract management, and overall project management. As a section manager, I have led various efforts which directly affected efficiency of our unit. One such problem was the frequent breakdown of 15 km long conveyor belt due to problem in signaling system. To rectify this, I along with my team implemented many strategies, which helped us reduce breakdown by 30%. As recognition of my valuable contributions, once again, I was awarded “SARJANA” for the second time. Therefore overall I believe the commitment towards my studies and always looking for innovative out of the box solutions have helped me the most to succeed in my career.